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Why is my migration taking so long?

The time of data migration depends on many outside factors we can’t control. The reasons causing a slow transfer might vary for different types of shopping carts.

The typical issues we face:

  • with open source carts there is a large amount of data, firewall limitations (make sure LitExtension IPs are all in your whitelist) and a hosting that disallows LitExtension to process the requests quickly, or simply blocks them
  • with hosted carts – API requests limit
  • also, there are some peculiar platforms (open source and hosted ones) that forbid access to their databases/APIs, or give it partially. The only way to get files out of such carts is through CSV export, and if you’re migrating from one of them – the runtime will depend solely on the number of transferable entities.

The rule of thumb is the following: the fewer items you’re moving, the less time it takes. So, if your store is huge – the transfer might take a little longer. Remember, we’re handling your data carefully, without rushing, to avoid any mixing or duplications.

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