Why is data transfer time-consuming?

Sometimes, the time of the data migration process lasts so long. It could be due to some out-of-control external factors and also vary for different shopping cart types.
Your data transfer duration would be affected by one of these following reasons: 
  • With open source carts:  It can be the large amount of data, the limitation of firewall or the hosting which prevent LitExtension processing the requests quickly (Please make sure that LitExtension IPs are all added in your whitelist).
  • With hosted carts: Some hosted carts may limit the access to their data via API.
  • Your shopping cart platforms (open source and hosted ones) prevent accessing to their databases/APIs completely or partially. Exporting data through CSV files is the only way to get the data in the old store. If you migrate data from one of these platforms, the processing time will depend solely on the number of transferable entities.

Whatever platform you sell your products on, the more data you transfer, the longer it will take. So, if your store contains a large amount of data, the transfer process might take longer than usual.

NOTE: With LitExtension migration service, if there is any step taking so long during performing the full migration, our system will identify and send you the notification on the screen about reason for this inconvenience.

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