What is order status mapping?

“Order status mapping” is the additional function of LitExtension, which gives you the ability to map (or match) order statuses on your Source Store with the corresponding ones on your Target Store.

Examples: pending payment, delivered, cancelled, or refunded, etc.

Why is order status mapping important?

Each eCommerce platform has its own default order statuses, moreover, many platforms allow creating custom order statuses. It is likely that order statuses on your Source and Target platform will not be completely identical. In this case, order status mapping lets you indicate how you want to migrate orders with specific statuses.

For example, “Completed” order status on your Source Store can be matched to “Delivered” status on the Target Store. When the migration is complete, all orders which had “Completed” status on your Source Store will have the “Delivered” status on the Target Store.

If your target shopping cart lacks certain order statuses, they can be created using the target store Admin panel before moving on with your migration. You can name order statuses on the target shopping cart according to your needs – either exactly corresponding to those within your current cart or in a different way. Whatever variant you choose, order status mapping gives you control over how your orders will be migrated to avoid any confusion after the migration.

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