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LitExtension commits to providing you with the best quality services. We ensure that the services we provide will completely meet your needs and expectations. Moreover, LitExtension always tries to fulfill your needs in the most comfortable, courteous, and productive way.

However, it is inevitable that customers may sometimes be dissatisfied with the LitExtension service provision.

If you feel unpleasant with any services we provide, you could give us your feedback directly so that we can find out whether it is our mistakes or just a misunderstanding between two sides. Whatever the problems are, we will try to sort them out with a view to bringing the best services to our customers.

Please tell us when any problem arises. We are always willing to receive your feedback to improve our services.

LitExtension has in place a Customer Complaints Procedure, to ensure that all complaints are investigated thoroughly, fairly and in confidence. Please click here to send us your complaint.


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