What are the differences about Estimated Time between Basic Migration and All-In-One Migration?

You may see the Time Estimation of Basic migration is different from the Estimated Time of  All-In-One service package. This is because:

  • Estimated Time for Basic Migration Package: is the time that your migration may take, from the time you start migration to the time migration completes (after you set up the environment by yourself). When the process has finished, you will also need to test the result by yourself before the new website goes live.
  • Estimated Time for All-In-One Migration Package: is the total time that we need to prepare migration, perform demo migration, verify data and then complete full migration.

With the All-in-One Migration package, the LitExtension Personal Assistant will take more time to do every task regarding the migration. All potential matters possibly arising during the process will be also taken care of by our technical experts.

After the migration completes, our experts also check your store database so as to ensure all data was transferred accurately and displayed on your store front. When all is checked, we will hand-over the final website and you are ready to launch your new store!

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