What are the differences between Basic Migration and All-In-One Migration Service?

In this article, we will specify the differences between Basic Migration and All-In-One Migration Service of LitExtension.

Basic Migration Service

With Basic Migration Service, you will follow 3 simple steps to perform the migration yourself via LitExtension app at https://cm.litextension.com. All of the data including products, orders, customers and other related entities will be automatically and seamlessly transferred after you’ve finished the migration configuration and click “Start”.

In every step that you take, there will be clear and detailed instructions on your right-hand side. Plus, our support team will assist you in case of any problems.

All-In-One Migration Service

With LitExtension All-In-One Migration service, our shopping cart migration experts will take care of your migration from the beginning to the end, including all potential matters possibly arising during the process. This is a one-time payment service, it doesn’t charge you periodically.

If you don’t have much time or enough technical skills to deal with every aspect of your data migration, or, you just simply want experts to take care of the work, our All-In-One Migration Service is the best choice for you. All you need to do is providing us your source and target cart’s credentials, our team will do the rest for you.

Differences between Basic Migration and All-In-One Migration Service?

Here are some specific comparisons between Basic Migration and All-In-One Migration Service from the LitExtension team. Hopefully, this table will answer all your questions about Basic Migration and All-In-One Migration Service as well as help you make the best decision for your migration.



Basic Migration Service

AIO Migration Service

Technical Support

Personal Support Assistant

Any time you request, Personal Support Assistant is available and give you answers to any questions you may help or regularly update you on the Migration progress

No Yes
Support method

Methods that we use to support you after purchasing

Email, Ticket Live Chat, Email, Ticket
Response time guarantee

The maximum period of time in which we have to give you a reasonable response

24 hours 12 hours
Support time (UTC+7)

08:00 – 18:00

Monday – Friday

08:00 – 18:00

Monday – Friday

Migration Assistant

Perform Full Migration By Customer LitExtension Expert
Pre-Migration Validation

In order for the migration to run smoothly, it is necessary to prepare the most convenient environment for it. To do that, we will help you check the following information should be taken into account: installation, e-commerce platform version, configuration, hosting parameters and store databases, database structure and type of data.

Extra Fee Required Free
Target Cart Installation

Install your new store if you have not had one yet.

Extra Fee Required Free
Migration Setup

We will help you set up everything, then you can run the migration by yourself. You just need to provide us with all necessary access details – we’ll take care of all the rest!

Extra Fee Required Free
Demo Migration

You can transfer a limited number of entities first for free to see how the migration process is like and how your entities are managed in the new store

Free, 20 entities Free, 100 entities (including customization)
Preview of Demo Migration Results

See how your new store is organized with 20 entities limited.

Free Free
Additional investigations 

After migration, our experts can help you further investigate everything, such as checking custom fields, server/hosting issues, etc


Response time guarantee (UTC+7)


Extra Fee Required



2 business days





12 hours

Additional Options

Additional Options are extra features allowing you to expand the migration possibility such as Password Migration, SEO URLs Migration, 301 Redirect,…

Extra Fee Required



Free Recent Migration

You have just finished a full migration. Now your Source store is still live and continues getting new data. It’s important to get your Target store updated with these newly appearing entities. Therefore, Recent Data Migration feature can help you avoid starting the migration over again.

Unlimited, Free Unlimited, Free
Free Re-migration

Re-Migration is the service of LitExtension implemented in case you need to transfer data from your source store to target all over again.

Unlimited, Free Unlimited, Free
Free Smart Update

Smart Update allows you to do two tasks at the same time: First, transfer entities that newly appear on your Source store after the migration; Second, update the entities that have been edited. 

Unlimited, Free Unlimited, Free
Migration Results Checking

After migration is complete, it’s of great significance to check your store database so that you can ensure all data was transferred accurately and is displaying on your storefront with default template. When all is checked, you are ready to launch your new store!


LitExtension Expert



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