25+ Free Shopify Apps To Boost Your Sales

Shopify has blown us all away when offering more than 7,000 apps in its App Store, where half of them are free to install. This is especially helpful for anyone who just starting out their online business and looking for cheaper alternatives. If this is your case, our hand-picked list of the top 25 best free Shopify apps will give you the answers.

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25 Best Free Shopify Apps to Increase Sales

Haven’t had your Shopify store? Create one now and take advantage of an extensive selection of powerful eCommerce features to support your business.

If you decide to go for Shopify, our advice is that you should purchase an annual Shopify plan rather than getting billed every month. By doing so, you can greatly benefit from an exclusive discount where you can save 25% on all Shopify pricing plans. For example, with the Basic plan, you will only have to pay $29 per month if billed annually instead of $39 like usual. What a deal, right?

Now, let’s move on to our recommendations of the best free Shopify apps that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Best Shopify page builder free

#1 PageFly Landing Page Builder

Free Shopify apps PageFly
PageFly features the best page builder tools

At this point, PageFly is one of the best free Shopify apps offering flexible website builder tools. Thanks to its versatile drag-and-drop editor, online merchants will be able to perfect their web pages to the smallest details possible. There is even a wide range of templates available for you to choose from, fulfilling every business field’s requirements.


Key Features

  •  100+ templates with a drag-and-drop editor.

  •  SEO-friendly design without negatively affect loading speed.

  •  Conversion-focused elements and integrations for enhanced website performance.

  •  Collection list design to help customers find products with ease.

  •  Blog post sections for updated news about the products and industry.

  •  Multimedia elements such as animations, videos, and images addition for enhancing website engagement.

Besides offering a free plan, you can also consider their other pricing tiers to gain access to more advanced app features. There are two options for you to choose from:

  • Pay as you go: $24 – $89/month based on the number of your published pages/sections (ranging from 10 – 100).
  • Enterprise: $199/month (if billed monthly), which enables you to have all the exclusive services that PageFly can provide.
free Shopify apps PageFly pricing
PageFly pricing plans

“The customer service is excellent. When building out your webpage you are never alone! They'll answer your questions very quickly and even send an email post chat with a transcript of the conversion. They also use loom videos to describe how to do things. Very helpful.” – Jitterliss from United States

#2 GemPages Landing Page Builder

The second name on our list when it comes to the best free apps for Shopify store categorized in page builder is Gempages. It offers an extensive library of well-designed templates with all page types from Home, Product, Collection, FAQ to Blog Posts.

free Shopify apps GemPages
GemPages is one of the best page builder on Shopify

Additionally, you can also utilize their conversion-focused elements, such as a countdown timer and stock counter, to create a sense of urgency. With this intention, you will be able to leverage your storefront and turn visitors into customers in no time. Also, to further enhance your Shopify store, consider using animated corporate videos to highlight your products or services. These videos can effectively convey your brand's message and engage customers, leading to higher conversion rates.


Key Features

  • 100+ conversion-driven elements to boost sales, such as stock counter, countdown timer, etc.

  • 80+ professional templates that fit in with all types of industries.

  • Smart optimization assistant GemMeter provides real-time suggestions to help you design the website effectively.

  • Page scheduling to plan your promotions and events in advance.

  • Template saving to apply the same design to multiple pages without having to start again. 

“Gempages is a great page builder to build a branded beautiful store. I have been using it for years for all my stores and I can't stop using it anymore. its an essential to increase that cvr! Also the customer support is excellent! Super helpful and ready to assist you in a matter of minutes!” – Bloom from United States

#3 LayoutHub 

Receiving a rating of 4.9/5 from 2,645 reviews, LayoutHub deserves to have a spot on top free Shopify apps for page builders. It is the ideal solution for those of you who do not have much time to invest in website design.

free Shopify apps LayoutHub
Designing your store with LayoutHub

Their powerful customization tools are designed to help users create the perfect layout in just a few clicks. All templates are created by seasoned eCommerce professionals, guaranteeing an increase in conversion rates.


Key Features

  • Block Design system to fasten the website building process in minutes.

  • Seamless integrations with almost all the Shopify apps.

  • Multiple pages support including Home page, Product, Collection, 404, Subpages, etc. 

  • 140+ stunning templates for all webpages.

  • Tracked reports through Facebook Ads and Facebook Analytics.

  •  Automatic monthly calculation for referral commission.

  •  Various sale tools such as shipping bar, promotion banners, cart-related, etc.

Just like other Shopify free apps, LayoutHub also offers pricing plans apart from the free option. By paying $14.99 – $59.99 per month, more features will be added to help online merchants maximize their website traffic.

free Shopify apps LayoutHub pricing
LayoutHub pricing plans

“LayoutHub is the perfect page builder for anyone who is looking to get started in the e-commerce business. Caroline from customer support is always good at reaching out and assisting with any questions. I would recommend.” – Ice DaVinci from United States

Free Shopify dropshipping apps 

#1 Dsers

Setting up the new standard for free dropshipping apps for Shopify, Dsers leaves an unforgettable impression on us. We tested out with hundreds of orders all at once, and it only cost Dsers a few minutes to process them successfully.

free shopify apps dsers
Dsers specialized in dropshipping on Shopify

Not to mention the ability to find new products and cost-efficient suppliers from multiple sources when using the app. Therefore, if you are handling a vast inventory, don’t forget to install Dsers from the Shopify store app.


Key Features

  •  100s orders placement within one click in a few seconds.

  •  Automatic order tracking and status updates.

  •  Multi-store management from a single dashboard.

  •  Cost-effective and more-qualified products and suppliers.

  •  Unique AliExpress product offers to attract more customers (Buy One Get One,..)

  •  Admitad integration to earn the affiliate commission.

  •  Imported AliExpress products with effective editing and management. 

In case you want more advanced features than what has been provided in the free one, Dsers will charge $19.90 – $49.90/month for the Advanced and Pro pricing plans. Before making the purchase, you can take advantage of their 14-day free trial for better evaluation.

free shopify apps dsers pricing
Dsers pricing plans

“My thanks to Joy in customer service for helping me work out some quirks between AliExpress and DSers! We're off and running now. DSers has quite the learning curve, but their customer service is top notch.” – Paragon Outpost from United States

#2 Spocket

Mentioning Shopify best free apps for dropshipping, of course, we can’t skip on Spocket! From the US, Europe, Canada to Asia and so many other countries, Spocket offers fast shipping and winning products all over the world.

free shopify apps spocket
Spocket stands out in the Shopify dropshipping category

Even if you don’t know where to start your dropshipping business yet, feel free to use their product image search features to look for the best suppliers. By the same token, this app has officially integrated with one of the best dropshipping partners – AliExpress & Alibaba, allowing you to have a seamless product import and fulfillment process.


Key Features

  •  Huge discounts and wholesale prices from 30-40% without a limitation on minimum order.

  •  Free AliExpress Dropshipping.

  •  5 million+ fast-shipping products from the US and European countries. 

  •  Branded invoicing to increase brand credibility.

  •  Test out the products and suppliers in advance.

  •  Automatic synchronization with multiple platforms, including Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, and WooCommerce.

Spocket’s free plan has already come along with a wide range of versatile features, taking your dropshipping business to the next level. However, you can still sign up for their pricing plans ranging from $29.99 – $99.99/month to have more advanced features.

free shopify apps spocket pricing
Spocket pricing plans

“Love Spocket easy to handle with great assistance if needed. Cant ask for anything better. Spocket has helped me manage my products better. It has taught me many things as a new entreprenuer.” – The Prosperity Girl from United States

If you are attempting to go for dropshipping, these articles will help you thrive in your business:

#3 CJdropshipping

The great thing about CJ Dropshipping is its big-data powered system, which is also the reason why we listed the theme as one of the best apps for Shopify store. With no penny being paid, you can gain access to their low-price products, powerful preorder inventory, product listing, sourcing, etc.

free shopify apps cjdropshipping
Start your business with CJdropshipping

By utilizing CJDropshipping’s marketing tools to run sales promotions and events, you can effortlessly turn visitors into customers. In combination with their product and packaging customization (POD, OEM) service, your customers are guaranteed to have the best experience.


Key Features

  •  Supporting DIY bundle products combination.

  •  Shipping methods and costs automatic calculation with CJ’s Shipping Calculation.

  •  Impeccable products imported on 1688, Taobao, and AliExpress through Google extensions.

  •  Automatic optimized shipping method applied to customers’ orders.

  •  5 daily sourcing requests.

  •  Unlimited staff accounts and suppliers authorization.

All basic features have been included in CJ’s free plan, assuring every online merchant gains the best when using their app. If you want more, we recommend trying out their pricing plans charging from $15.99 – $59.99 monthly.

free shopify apps cjdropshipping pricing
CJdropshipping pricing plans

“One of the finest apps ever, especially the customer support is outstanding. Sky Liu has been helping me since the start and has answered all my queries. Will surely recommend this app to everyone. The customer service agent is really helpful and has responded immediately to all my queries.” – Zayn from United States

Best Shopify SEO apps for free

Ever wonder why visitors don’t convert on your website? Slow website loading speed might be the answer. To clarify, with every 0.1 seconds slower, the famous company Amazon would lose $1.6 billion annually, according to Fast Company. And this applies the same for every online business.

Therefore, it is crucial to integrate a Shopify SEO app to make your search engine optimization journey a breeze. After testing several plugins on the App Store, here are our recommendations for the best free Shopify apps for SEO.

#1 SEO Avada

free shopify apps seo avada
SEO Avada boost your rankings with their automated tool kit

SEO Avada is one of the most useful apps on Shopify to solve your SEO-related problem. To avoid causing you significant loss in sales, this app uses the browser preloading technique every time your visitors hover their mouse pointer over a link. In this way, your page speed will be fastened up by 3 times – an incredible gap!

SEO: Image Optimizer Page Speed

Key Features

  •  Instant page speed booster with Page Load, Site Speed, Mobile Speed, and Instant Page.

  •  Image Optimizer with compression, renaming, resizing, and detecting ALT and HTML tools. 

  •  Unlimited ALT optimization and free SEO checklist.

  •  Meta tags, Local business, and Google structured data to increase search engine rankings.

  •  Detailed SEO reports to keep track of the website’s performance.

  •  Automate setting meta tag for the homepage, all product & collection pages.

You can either choose their forever-free plan or pay $34.95 per month to accessmore advanced features.

free shopify apps seo avada pricing
SEO Avada pricing plans

“Avada has been very helpful with my shop. Hakeem technician was very knowledgeable. They are good with optimizing SEO and meta tags. They increased the speed of my store at almost 30% faster. Thanks Avada!!” – TrendiTribe from United States

#2 TinyIMG

Unlike other free Shopify extensions, TinyIMG stands out for its handy all-in-one SEO tools to improve rankings. As Google is applying stricter requirements towards websites, it is important to follow the best SEO practices. And TinyIMG is the best SEO app for Shopify to guide you through in a breeze.

free shopify apps tinyimg
TinyIMG provides all-in-one SEO features

The app enables users to scan, compress the uploaded images automatically and add ALT texts to enhance the overall SEO performance. Also, every 404 links will be detected and fixed immediately, guaranteeing a smooth shopping experience.


Key Features

CJ3R39 0lu8CEAE
  •  SEO tools: image ALT text, JSON-LD, 404 page, 301 redirects, rich snippet, etc.

  •  One-click image SEO, image compression, image resize, alt text generator.

  •  Image optimization for up to 50 images.

  •  Page speed optimizer tools to avoid lazy load.

As for the pricing, TinyIMG provides 3 more plans from $2.49 – $19.99/month with more features to enhance your SEO results.

free shopify apps tinyimg pricing
TinyIMG pricing plans

“Very good application and very efficient support in case of problem. Do not hesitate to use this application on your store.” – Printadeco-SAS from France

#3 SearchPie

SearchPie is one of the best free Shopify apps to increase sales by leveraging your SEO performance. When you install SearchPie and employ their powerful tools, you can easily bring more traffic to your website.

free shopify apps searchpie
SearchPie helps you boost SEO rankings

SearchPie helps by improving your Google visibility and loading speed. No need for advanced technical skills, you can save your SEO effort with one click when using the Broken Links, Sitemap, Image ALT, etc. There will also be up-to-date SEO reports with solutions provided to help you avoid all possible problems damaging your SEO status.


Key Features

CK g4 u6gvsCEAE
  •  Page speed enhancement via AMP, Instant Page, and Image Compress.

  •  24/7 real-time support giving helpful SEO tips and tricks.

  •  SEO tags bulk update within simple clicks.

  •  Sitemap submission to boost rankings on search engines.

SearchPie also offers pricing plans with more features to maximize your SEO results. Compared to most Shopify apps, the price is pretty reasonable at $39 – $79/month.

free shopify apps searchpie pricing
SearchPie pricing plans

“I loved the app and wendy gave me wonderful support with everything I need, I loved it. for more professionals like this in the market!” – Campeão Prix from Brazil

Want to improve your Shopify SEO results? Don’t let these articles slip away:

Free email marketing apps for Shopify

#1 Omnisend

An effective method to expand your audience segmentation and enrich relationships with customers is via email marketing. One of the best selling apps when talking about this category is Omnisend with over 4,500 5-star reviews across the globe.

free shopify apps omnisend
Omnisend is one of the best-selling Shopify apps

Understanding the importance of email marketing, Omnisend features a wide range of tools with no money being charged. Once you add Omnisend to your store, you can easily grow your leads by collecting emails from visitors. After that, save your time and sell more products by using its already-made templates for emails, then send them in bulk.


Key Features

  •  An extensive collection of email templates with drag-and-drop editor tools.

  •  A/B email campaign testing before sending them to customers.

  •  SMS marketing integration with push notifications about campaigns and workflows.

  •  Powerful integrations with eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.

  •  20+ ready-made automation workflows for a higher profit. 

Up to the present, Omnisend is free of charge with a limitation of 250 contacts. If you are managing a vast number of customers at once, you may want to choose their upgraded plans, which are priced from $16 – $59/month.

free shopify apps omnisend
Omnisend pricing plans

“Easy to use. Had almost everything I needed. Great support team. Definitely like this platform more than the others.” – SeatRelease from United States

#2 Automizely

Automizely makes it easy to create, run and manage email marketing campaigns. It is one of the must have apps for any Shopify store wishing to thrive in the long run!

free shopify apps Automizely
Automizely is an all-in-one marketing app

Automizely offers all the most advanced tools, such as AI-powered product recommendations, countdown timers, or promotion bars, to create a sense of urgency. In addition, every new subscriber will automatically receive welcome emails and text messages. In this case, online merchants can gain customer awareness and brand trust.


Key Features

  •  AI-predictive demographics and built-in CRM to launch customized marketing campaigns.

  •  Effective popup templates like spin-the-wheel to capture more leads.

  •  Automated email flows based on customer shopping behaviors.

  •  A/B testing system before publishing.

  •  Easy-to-use management from a single dashboard.

  •  Various no-code marketing functions.

Only with the free Automizely package can you send up to 3,000 emails to 300 contacts with all the needed conversion tools. Nevertheless, there are still pricing plans from $11 – $179/month for you to choose from with more capabilities.

free shopify apps automizely pricing
Automizely pricing plans

“The easiest and most intuitive email mkt software I've ever tried. If you are just getting started, this is the definitive app you should be using!” – Balley from Spain

#3 Privy 

Another option for you in our list of free Shopify apps for email marketing today is Privy. This isn’t a new name among online store owners anymore and there are reasons behind it.

free shopify apps privy
Privy helps growing customers base with powerful features

Growing your customer base has never been easier thanks to the help of Privy’s worthwhile set of features. For example, welcome incentives for first-time customers in exchange for their email or phone number or interactive spin-to-wins to encourage visitor engagement. Moreover, you can also send customized emails and newsletters to build strong customer relationships.


Key Features

  •  First-time coupon offer in exchange for visitors’ information.

  •  Sending abandoned cart texts and emails to remind customers.

  •  Cart-saver and cross-sell campaigns to boost sales.

  •  Free shipping announcement bar to urge customers to make purchases.

  •  Post-purchase texts and email flow to increase repeat purchase rate.

  •  Shopify coupons and Email Service Providers synchronization.

  •  User-friendly drag-and-drop editor with multiple pre-built email templates. 

Privy only offers a free plan for businesses with under 100 email contacts. Therefore, if you are handling a higher amount of customers, check out their other pricing plans starting from $30 – $70 monthly.

free shopify apps privy pricing
Privy pricing plans

“Privy is my go-to!

It is the most user-friendly experience for first-timers and the staff is always very helpful when it comes to creating/updating anything. I always have a pleasant time when reaching out to staff at Privy for help. Definitely worth the price when you sign up for paid services.” – Lapcos Wholesale from United States

Best Shopify review apps for free

Product reviews are another key factor directly impacting your business. Many first-time customers tend to make decisions based on previous reviews or how popular your brand is across social media.

#1 Ali Reviews Product Reviews

Build social proof that converts with Ali Reviews, a proven reviews solution for businesses of all sizes. Ali Reviews empowers you to collect and showcase authentic product reviews, boosting customer trust and sales.

Ali Reviews ‑ Product Reviews
Ali Reviews ‑ Product Reviews

Ali Reviews offers a range of customer-friendly options, including Email, SMS, Incentives, QR codes, and Social Media, making it convenient for your customers to share their photos and video reviews in a way that suits them best.

But that's not all – Ali Reviews goes the extra mile by allowing you to import existing reviews from AliExpress. It lets you show appealing reviews on high-converting pages to boost sales and prevent cart abandonment. You will love the app's beautiful and customizable widgets, which allow you to display reviews attractively.

Ali Reviews

Key Features

  • Add eye-catching review widgets on any page to give customers the confidence to buy.

  • Auto-collect customer reviews and photos with pre-made templates via Email & SMS.

  • Import reviews in bulk with a click from AliExpress Reviews, DSers & Ali Orders.

  • Drive buyers to share reviews with incentives programs and follow-up emails.

  • Increase traffic with Google Shopping Ads, review rich snippets & social media.

Ali Reviews offers 4 plans tailored to the needs of businesses, including a Free plan and paid plans starting at $9.9 per month.

Ali Reviews Pricing plan
Ali Reviews Pricing plan

“Ali Reviews is great and useful and if you ever get stuck or overwhelmed, they have amazing customer support that will help out with any issues! I highly recommend it and personally have had a great experience.” – Ade O. from the United States.

#2 Judge.me Product Reviews

And you are attempting to improve your social proof? Judge.me have it all covered!

free shopify apps judge me
Judge.me build brand trust with reviews

Judge.me is one of the few top Shopify apps featuring full customizability in 37 languages. More specifically, you can use their well-designed widgets to showcase reviews and UGC on your storefront, improving customer engagement from the first scroll. Furthermore, adding stars on Google can be a great way to enhance your SEO rankings, too!

Judge.me Product Reviews

Key Features

  •  Request unlimited product review requests with in-email review forms.

  •  Display star ratings, product reviews, trust badges, and carousel themes.

  •  Offer social share buttons to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

  •  Drag-and-drop email templates for greater flexibility.

  •  Curate your reviews before publishing them.

  •  Filter spam reviews for the best brand credibility. 

By paying $15 more every month, you can gain even more awesome features just like the plan’s name, such as an all reviews page, Q&A section, and product groups syndication across multiple stores.

free shopify apps judge me pricing
Judge.me pricing plans

“I really like the customer support, everyone super helpful and nice. Always happy to help and answer any question I have. Thank you!” – Adorn Jewelry from United States

#3 Trustoo Product & Ali Reviews

Trustoo is also one of the best Shopify apps to increase sales by showcasing well-organized product reviews. In other words, the app humanizes your brand with product reviews instead of inserting them in a plain boring kind of way.

free shopify apps trustoo
Trustoo humanizes your brand with product reviews

When trying out Trustoo and its features, we are impressed by how the system can automatically gather product reviews with photos from out customers. From then, all we have to do is choose the pre-built widgets from their collection and display the reviews as we wanted to. After tracking the statistics, we have experienced a considerable rise in the number of visitors and conversion rates.


Key Features

  •  Auto-translate reviews in multiple languages.

  •  Unlimited reviews and products imported from AliExpress showcased on the website.

  •  50 order review request emails monthly for the forever-free plan.

  •  Reviews sharing to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for higher organic traffic. 

  •  Discount offers for first-time customers.

Similar to Judge.me mentioned previously, Trustoo also provides the “Awesome” package together with their forever-free plan. Contrariwise, the price is cheaper at only $9.99/month.

free shopify apps trustoo pricing
Trustoo pricing plans

“I put 5 stars, because until then the app seems to be amazing and is meeting expectations, everything I needed, and I hope it stays active on Shopify for a long time. And great support!!! :D” – Clean Descontos from Brazil

Free best Shopify print on demand apps

#1 Printful

Free Shopify apps specially designed for print-on-demand service is an indispensable part of any printed or embroidered T-Shirt business. And, if you are looking for the best free Shopify apps for print on demand, buckle up because Printful is all you need!

free shopify apps printful
Build your print-on-demand store with Printful

Printful is a print-on-demand dropshipping supplier with the best features supporting you at every step of the way. From printing, packaging to shipping your products, they will take care of everything. Thus, you will have more time to invest and stimulate your creativity in the designs and better manage financial matters. With free sign-up and quick set-up steps, starting your Shopify dropshipping business with Printful is just a breeze.


Key Features

  •  High-quality products with no upfront or hidden costs.

  •  Mockup generator to test out your designs on products before publishing.

  •  Profit calculator to calculate your margins in advance.

  •  Transparent shipping prices.

  •  Product delivery in less than 3 days.

  •  No minimum order limitations. 

  •  User-friendly designing tools for the best products.

“Printful is the best option for beginners. In addition, Printful offers the best option to sell worldwide, shipping to virtually all regions and continents. Printful met all my expectations and the system is very simple and easy to work with.” – Bad Bird from Brazil

#2 Printify

Do you know that you can start your own online boutique without having to worry about the printing and stocking process? You can totally achieve that with the help of Printify.

free shopify apps printify
Printify is rated as one of the best Shopify apps

Being one of the best print on demand apps for Shopify by user ratings, Printify enables users to customize and sell a variety of products within a matter of minutes. From apparel to home decor and accessories, Printify satisfies all industry types. Furthermore, this is a low-risk method as Printify doesn’t require you to buy stock upfront.


Key Features

  •  Unlimited product designs.