How to run Smart Update?

What does Smart Update do?

In order to update data that has been modified in your Source store after the migration, our tool “Smart Update” will compare data fields in both stores and look for the differences. If there is any, it will immediately perform the update in your new store. At the same time, our tool will also check whether you have any new data in your old store and then migrate only those to your new one.

There are 5 default product fields that we are supporting to update:

  • Quantity and stock
  • Price
  • Categories
  • Product name

However, in case you need to update other fields in product or even customer and order (for instance: order status), we still can customize and get them updated for you. All you need to do is to let us know your request.

Check this video out to get a broader view of our Smart Update feature

How can you use LitExtension Smart Update?

Smart Update will only be performed after you’ve finished a full migration with LitExtension. Then, go back to your “My Migrations” page, you will see a purple button named “Smart Update”, click on it and you’re on the way.

smart update button

After that, our tool will return you a report showing how many new data you have recently added in your Source Store since the full migration and how many entities we need to scan to update.

Looking at the screenshot below, you can see an example of the report. Here, it’s found that there are 5 new products, 3 new customers, and 4 new orders and a total of 594 entities that the tool imported for you on the last full migration and need to be scanned for changes.


smart update report

At the end of the page, click “Start Smart Update Migration” to begin the process.

After the update, check the result by clicking on the green button.

smart update check result

Make sure that every change has been made correctly in your Target Store and in the event of any problems, don’t hesitate to contact our support agents.

Our “Smart Update” feature has been available for all eCommerce solutions pairs. Please check the full list of shopping carts that LitExtension supports here.


In case you have any other questions, please reach out to us via:

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