How to run Recent Data Migration?

What is Recent Data Migration?

Recent Data Migration is an additional feature of LitExtension aiming to help you transfer all new data (or just the entities you select) from your Source Site to the Target Site after you’ve performed a full migration.

Let’s imagine you have just finished a full migration with the LitExtension data migration tool. During the process, we still keep your Source Store active normally to ensure the service doesn’t affect your sales or business performance. Therefore, when you are busy setting up your new store, your Source Store can still receive new entities, such as new customers and their orders.

After that, when the setup is over, we provide our special functionality to help you migrate recent data from your Source Store to your new store.

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How Does Recent Data Migration Works?

  • Go to your account on the LitExtension site.
  • Choose Recent Migration.

That’s how easily our Recent Data Migration works. After that, your new site won’t miss any data and be ready to work officially.Recent Data Migration

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