Why do I need to clear current data on the Target Store before restart migration?

Remigration is used when you want to migrate your store all over again due to the wrong setup, failed theme, hosting issues, incorrect customization and so on. These problems could result in missing data, corrupted display and other unexpected situations. Therefore, you need to re-migrate to ensure that your data will work properly on the target site.


In order to avoid this, you will need to “Clear current data on Target Store before Remigration”. It is an additional option allowing you to delete the data (on the Target Store) in accordance with selected entities for migration. It is also to avoid mix and duplication of data during the migration process.


For example: If you’re migrating “Products” and “Taxes” from Source Store to Target Store, selecting this option will automatically wipe out the similar entities on your Target Store once the migration is kick-started.


At the step “Configure your migration”, you can choose it from additional options.


Note: This option will erase all the existing data (that you’ve chosen to migrate) on your Target Store. Once it is completed, the action can’t be reversed so we highly recommend you make a backup before starting the migration.


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