How to fix Connector Setup issue?


I’m clicking on the link but no “Connector Installed” message shown

  • It could be due to your permission setting upon the uploaded files and folder. You can set permissions as follows:
    • connector.php” – 644 or 666, depending on your server configuration;
    • /le_connector” folder – 755 or 777, depending on your server configuration.

I’m clicking on the link but only get a “File not found” message?

  • Please make sure you have uploaded the “le_connector” folder to the correct location on your website. With most shopping carts, you just need to upload “le_connector” to the store root older. But some carts have been configured to use a subfolder as a root folder.
  • Otherwise, if you are running Nginx as a web server (instead of Apache), the above steps might not get the connector working immediately. Because Nginx normally does not allow access to all PHP files, and thus requires some additional configuration for this to work. For more details, you can check out this article. In case you are still facing difficulties, we recommend asking your web developer for help.

Oops, it still doesn’t work?

  • Don’t worry, we provide 24/7 live chat support and can absolutely give a helping hand for that, just click here to “Contact Us” for further assistance.

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