How does “Clear data on Target site before migration” work?

This option is to remove existing data on your target cart. The data that will be deleted are those you have chosen to migrate. Therefore, this option will help avoid the duplication of entities on your target site after the migration.

However, please note that this option is irreversible. This means when it is selected, you have to keep in mind that the data on the target site are permanently deleted and cannot be restored.

Clear data on Target site before migration


When performing a full migration, if you suddenly figure out that some data on the target site must be kept, you can take advantage of our pause button to temporarily stop the migration and the data clearing process. Although this action does not ensure the number of your entities on the target site, surely it somehow helps with the remaining data. Thus, please check twice before deciding to clear the data.

Regarding demo migration, there will be no pause option for you to choose. Hence the data on the target site will be completely erased.


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