With the phenomenal growth of technology and the internet, consumers tend to choose online shopping. Therefore, an optimal solution for eCommerce platforms is exceedingly integral.

As a result, you should put a lot of thought into replacing an old eCommerce platform that is ineffective, sluggish and onerous. There exist numerous measures for eCommerce replatforming. However, the state-of-the-art option now is an automatic approach.

LitExtension is the world-leading provider of automated shopping cart migration service. We provide you with 2 tremendously ideal options which are:

  • Basic Migration, with which you can migrate data yourself with our migration tool.
  • All-in-one migration, in which our experts take care of the process from top to bottom.

It may be a tough call to decide which migration option is suitable for you. Therefore, in this article, we will be providing you with 5 reasons why the All-in-One migration package is worth purchasing.

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What is All-in-one migration service?

All-in-One (AIO) migration service is provided by LitExtension to help you save time and ensure the quality of the whole process with the involvement of experts. We guarantee your migration will be kept an eye on from the pre-migration, during migration to post migration.

With the AIO migration package, you just have to check email and keep track of the process in a very intuitive reporting interface. LitExtension support team will assist you to set up, configure, perform the full migration and give extra technical support whenever needed. Just give us your source and target stores’ credentials, and enjoy your time as our tool will transfer your business data automatically.

Top reasons why you should choose LitExtension AIO service

Personal Support

LitExtension All-in-One migration service assures a response time within 12 hours in lieu of 24 hours in Basic Migration Service, comprehensive solutions will be found to every addressed question via Live Chat, Email, or Ticket.

Undoubtedly, the instant support will minimize your unnecessary waiting time of which you can take full advantage to maximize your profit. Moreover, our support team will keep you informed with the regular updates on the Migration process. Give All-in-One migration service a shot and experience the professionally outstanding differences.

Utmost Security

One of the compelling attributes that make LitExtension services outstanding is the absolutely safe migration process. Our data security policy is built to assure that each and every piece of information that you provide us with is properly protected. Our experts will collect your store’s credentials and then utilize them for data transferring purposes only.

Included service

1. Expert assistance

In terms of support, our well-qualified experts in data migration and website development will take care of your shopping cart migration. Generally, our professionals take responsibility for all necessary tasks including:

  • pre-migration validation
  • target cart installation
  • migration setup
  • demo migration
  • demo migration results testing
  • additional investigations
  • full migration results testing.

2. Free services

There exist three free extra features that come along with the AIO migration service that can knock your socks off in the light of its convenience and productivity.

  • Smart Update (Unlimited) is in charge of comparing data on both sites to figure out the distinctions and automatically modifying the unmatched shown information as well as updating the newly appearing data.
  • Recent Data Migration (Unlimited) will support you to transfer new data to your target site without performing the full migration again.
  • Remigration (Unlimited) is helpful if you need to perform the migration again when encountering unwanted occurrences.

3. Free Demo Migration

With this full package, the demo migration enables you to migrate up to 100 entities to test the entity management and arrangement on the new store. In this process, our supporters will perform the migration for you and you can check the result afterwards.

Free Additional options

Moreover, additional options offered by LitExtension are ubiquitously considered as a key feature of cutting-edge technology that can bring prosperity to any-sized businesses. These incredible options include Password Migration, SEO URLs Migration, 301 Redirect, Strip HTML Tags, Migrate Additional Images, and so on. I will explain more clearly below:

The most important thing you have to notice is that LitExtension delivers all of the options above free with the AIO migration service. Totally fantastic!


LitExtension always offers summit services at a totally affordable cost. Hence, you can receive the AIO migration service, all of its effective features and our professional assistance from just $149. In detail, the price varies according to your number of entities.
Generally speaking, the AIO service price is considerably higher than the Basic Migration service, which starts from $19. Besides covering all of the features of Basic Migration service but also offers you a wider range of comparative advantages.


With the 5 groundbreaking reasons listed above, LitExtension AIO migration service is undoubtedly the most trusted, time-saving, budget and comprehensive solution for you – a busy e-store owner who always aspires to administer your eCommerce website with professional assistance.

It’s high time to upgrade your old platform, which is restraining your business from thriving, with the most cost and performance effective service. Saving more time, more money, more energy with AIO migration and keeping up your good work on the new platform.

Discover our journey to create the optimal AIO migration solution by sharing from our CEO Alex Nguyen (by the famous writer Nicholas Godwin)

Good luck with your process! Should you face any trouble, feel free to contact LitExtension Team. In addition, we do have our Facebook Community for you to exchange and update eCommerce news, please join with us!


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