Seeking to learn how to export WooCommerce orders and products? For your information, WooCommerce has a built-in product exporter that supports CSV file format. However, the platform only supports exporting orders to XML type. So, in order to export this data in CSV, you will need the help of third-party tools. You can choose between free and paid plugins for the task. Always keep in mind that the decision on which solution to choose should rely on your situation to get the best result.

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How to export WooCommerce orders?

As I have mentioned, WooCommerce does not support exporting orders from its system. You will need to install a plugin to get the task done. There is a wide range of plugins that can help export WooCommerce orders easily. You can choose between free plugins or paid plugins.

Here are some of the free plugins for you to export WooCommerce orders:

  • Advanced Order Export for WooCommerce: This plugin allows you to easily export WooCommerce orders and any custom field assigned to orders to various formats such as CSV, XLS, XML, and JSON.
  • WooCommerce – Store Exporter: With its free version, you will be able to export a range of data including orders and some other data types.
  • Order Export and More: A simple plugin for you to export orders data with a user-friendly interface and filter options.

Free plugins are easy to use but you cannot export all data variants at once. Therefore, you have to install different plugins for different data variants.

To export WooCommerce orders, here are some of the paid plugins for your consideration:

  • WooCommerce Customer / Order / Coupon Export: Choosing this plugin, you can easily export orders, customers, and coupons from WooCommerce. You can manually export individual order records or in bulk. The annual bill you have to pay for this plugin is $79.
  • WP All Export: This solution will help you export all data in any WordPress eCommerce plugin. It has a drag and drop interface so that users with minimal technical knowledge will also find this plugin quite easy to handle. You will pay once to have this plugin for life, starting at $99 up to $249 for 3 versions.
  • Wooexim: Along with the ability to export orders through a CSV file, this plugin can help you schedule export by specifying export intervals. You can choose between 2 available versions at $18 and $57, both are one-time purchases.

In addition, you can also hire a WordPress professional like Fixrunner to help you complete this task. This time, we’ll introduce how to export orders from WooCommerce with WooCommerce Customer / Order / Coupon Export by SkyVerge.

Step 1: Download and install the plugin.

Download the plugin then go to Admin > Add new > Upload and select the ZIP file you just downloaded. Click Install Now and then Activate.

Step 2: Go to WooCommerce > Export.

export woocommerce orders

Step 3: On the Manual Export tab, update the following settings:

  • Output type: Choosing to export in between CSV or XML format.
  • Export type: Select Orders.
  • Format: Select a predefined or custom format.
  • Filename: Enter a name for the export file.
  • Mark as exported: Enable to ensure the exported data is excluded from future exports.
  • Batch processing: Only enable if your site does not support background processing.

Step 4: Update the Export Options section to target particular orders. The available options will change based on your selected Output type.

export woocommerce orders

Step 5: Click Export.

That’s everything you need to do to export WooCommerce orders using plugins. Moving on, you will learn about 2 available options to export products from WooCommerce.

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How to export products from WooCommerce?

WooCommerce 3.1.x and later versions provide a built-in product CSV exporter. However, all you can do with this WooCommerce’s basic feature is the export of simple products. If you want to export product variants and benefit from advanced features, you will need to install third-party export plugins. Keep scrolling down so you will be able to take the grasp of how to export WooCommerce products with the platform’s built-in feature and third-party plugins.

1. Export products from WooCommerce with default exporter

export products from woocommerce

Step 1: Go to WooCommerce > Products and then select Export at the top to open the Export Products screen.

export products from woocommerce

Step 2: Select to Export All Columns or select which columns to export from the dropdown menu.

export products from woocommerce

Step 3: Select to Export All Product Types or select which product types to export from the dropdown menu.

export products from woocommerce

Step 4: Select to Export All Categories or select which categories to export from the dropdown menu.

export products from woocommerce

Step 5: Select Generate CSV and wait for the export to finish.

export products from woocommerce

2. Export products using plugins

WooCommerce also provides a variety of free and paid plugins that help export products from WooCommerce. Again, always remember to check all the available solutions before picking one out to best suit your needs.

Some of the best free plugins to export products from WooCommerce are:

Paid plugins to export products from WooCommerce:

  • Product CSV Import Suite: Though the name may sound misleading, this plugin provides you a tool to quickly export WooCommerce products associated with custom categories. The annual bill you have to pay for this plugin is $49.
  • WP All Export: Still the plugin we mentioned previously, it can also support exporting products from WooCommerce or any other WordPress eCommerce plugin.
  • Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce: A simple tool to export products on your WooCommerce store. The good news about this plugin is that it provides support for all product types. You will pay once to have this plugin for life, starting at $69 up to $199 for 3 versions.

In this section, we’re going to show you how to export products into a CSV file from WooCommerce with Product Import Export Plugin.

Step 1: Download and install the plugin

Download the plugin then go to Admin > Add new > Upload and select the ZIP file you just downloaded. Click Install Now and then Activate.

Step 2: Go to WooCommerce > Product Import /Export

export products from woocommerce

Step 3: In the Import/Export setting, move to Export products in CSV format

  • export products from woocommerce
  • Offset: Enter the specific number of products to skip before exporting.
  • Limit: Enter the number of products you want to export.
  • Categories: Select specific product categories that should be exported.
  • Sort Columns: Sorting columns in the CSV file.
  • Delimiter: Set your preferred delimiter (e.g comma, full stop).
  • Columns: Select the required columns you want to export

export products from woocommerce

  • Include hidden metadata: Hit the check box if you want to get the thumbnail ID of product images or other metadata.

Step 4: Select Export


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Exporting orders and products from WooCommerce is necessary for store owners in many cases. So to help its users, WooCommerce has been developing to incorporate export tools right within the system. Most particularly, you can use the product export tool since the appearance of WooCommerce 3.1.x and its later versions. However, some of the plugins available in the market offer much more than the default capabilities of WooCommerce.

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