How We Perform Migration For You

You don’t need to re-built a site based on your database to migrate to another cart. The tool will map accurately corresponding data between your database and new cart. You can imagine that in this case, your data will move directly from their seat in database to the exact location in target, meaning that they don’t need to queue in an intermediate port which is compatible with new platform.

This is the most comprehensive Database Migration in the market currently. With that, your site won’t be affected by any work from backend. The procedure is highly automated and especially, it can make good Database Dump Migration’s shortcoming, that is possibility of updating and migrating recent data from source site without manual checking.

Database Direct Migration reduces significant time and effort to transfer data and start your new online store. However, to avoid possible risks and achieve the best result, you are recommended to hand over this task for LitExtension experts.

Why Should Use Database Direct Migration Service?
In this case, hiring an agency or a freelancer will cost a lot and remember, they don’t even specialize in data migration, which may lead to a scenario that your site will sink into an interruption. Fortunately, Litextension can help you deal with this professionally and with an affordable price. If you are in one of the following situation, our Database Direct Migration Service is absolutely made for you:


Your platform is not supported

Your current source platform is not supported by any service in the market meaning that you cannot transfer your data automatically and directly from old to new store.


No Downtime

During the migration process, your current store still runs normally. Data is migrated with no downtime for source store.


Migration Assurance

We offer free Recent Migrations, Free Re-migrations for assurance in migration and make sure migration process will be completed perfectly.


Professional Support

We’re proud to bring you professional support by ticket, phone, live chat, or email. You’ll talk to our experts and get your issue resolved quickly.

How We Protect Your Data

We at LitExtension prioritize data security and have a set of practices, technologies and policies in place to ensure the highest level of security for your data. Check out our Data Security Policy.

Server Security

All migration jobs will be carried out on Linode servers located in USA. Linode is a cloud hosting company offering customers on-demand access to Linux virtual servers on high speed internet connections

Data Security

The exchanged data is protected by HTTPS secure protocol and 128-bit SSL encryption. We do not store your data on our servers, data will go directly from your source to target with highest level of security.

Data Access Security

Only authorized LitExtension engineers can access the source code, handle custom migration requests and work on support cases on demand of the support staff.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR is a global data protection law passed by the European Union that shifts the ownership of customer data from the organizations that use it to the individual customer. LitExtension is compliant with GDPR regulations.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

We don’t keep your credentials or imported records after the migration is complete. We guarantee that your data isn’t disclosed or used for other purposes than its migration.

Payment Security

We are using Paypal – the No 1 worldwide payment gateway for every orders. All your payment data is processed by Paypal, We will not store any payment data of the customers.

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What Customers Say About Us

  • Alex GrecuIreland

    We are an online supplier based in Ireland called Euro Small Engine Parts and we chose Litextension to migrate our online store. We want to take this opportunity to thank them for all their assistance. We migrated in excess of 5000 products and bespoke features and extensions unique to us which required further help from Litextension. All in all i would recommend them and no doubt in the future we will be migrating our store and will know these are the guys to contact.

    [Review Source]

  • Chad SerranoCalifornia, United States

    This migration product is excellent. We migrated a very large store from BigCommerce to Shopify. The team provided excellent support when the orders didn't go exactly as expected and helped us get the settings right. This product was able to migrate customers, orders, and over 7000 products with images seamlessly into our new store. Thanks to LitExtension for all the help!

    [Review Source]

  • Ismael LobatoBarcelona, Spain

    I have worked for several projects with Litextension and I can only guarantee their professionalism. Sometimes hiring a company outside our area is a bit difficult, but with them it has been all very easy with a great communication, which will make us continue working together in the future for new projects.

    [Review Source]

  • Allistair WesselsSouth Africa

    I had a lot of SKU's (11k) and needed to migrate data from Shopify to Bigcommerce. The original store had a lot of detailed data for the products and a broad range of collections. This work took over a year to do, so redoing it was out of the question. I simply had to migrate all of that work into Bigcommerce. The process took about 8 hours ! but was due to significant complexity in both sites. It was a flawless migration, with all data intact. Excellent outcome, great service!

    [Review Source]

  • Tony SmithQuebec, Canada

    These guys are superb. They are professional and I used their service to transfer my store from WooCommerce to Magento. Everything was transferred very well without any problem or variation. It was a perfect migration.
    Beside that, their support is 24/7 online and whenever I needed them they were there to help me no matter if its a day or a night time they are always online and there to answer your questions and assist you with whatever you need. Thats the best thing about them.
    Highly recommend them.

    [Review Source]