Database Direct Migration

Database Direct Migration is a unique solution provided by Litextension which allows you to move directly data from Database to another platform without third party or another work involved.


Why you use Database Direct Migration Service?

With the service, you don’t need to re-built a site based on your database to migrate to another cart. The tool will map accurately corresponding data between your database and new cart. You can imagine that in this case, your data will move directly from their seat in database to the exact location in target, meaning that they don’t need to queue in an intermediate port which is compatible with new platform.

This is the most comprehensive Database Migration in the market currently. With that, your site won’t be affected by any work from backend. The procedure is highly automated and especially, it can make good Database Dump Migration’s shortcoming, that is possibility of updating and migrating recent data from source site without manual checking.

Database Direct Migration reduces significant time and effort to transfer data and start your new online store. However, to avoid possible risks and achieve the best result, you are recommended to hand over this task for LitExtension experts.

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