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To save time and minimize manual efforts of e-merchants, LitExtension has come up with All-in-One Migration Package. Your shopping cart migration project will be handled completely by a Personal Assistant. The expert is in charge of migration execution and will regularly update you on the progress.

How LitExtension Performs Your Migration

With the All-in-One Migration package, the LitExtension Personal Assistant will take care of every task regarding the migration. All you need to do is providing your Source Store and Target Store’s information. Plus, you will receive priority support without extra fee.
Take a closer look at the detailed process!

What Are The Differences Between
Basic Migration and All-in-One Migration

Performed By Yourself
Performed By LitExtension Experts




Technical Consultancy

Our Personal Assistant is always available to answer all your questions regarding the migration.

Migration Configuration

Configure all necessary settings for the migration and check custom fields, server/hosting issues, etc.

Demo Migration

Run the demo migration with 100 entities transferred to assess the efficiency. It’s important to examine the demo migration results to ensure the migration run as perfectly as you expected.

Full Migration

Perform full migration. All the unwanted issues will be detected by LitExtension Smart Controller and fixed immediately. Then, check the migration results to make sure all the data have been transferred accurately.

Post-migration tasks

Perform Recent Data Migration, Re-migration or Smart Update to transfer all the newly added or edited data. After all, point the domain name to the Target Store.

Exclusive All-In-One Migration Benefits

Personal Assistant (PA)

A Personal Assistant is one of our experts who is assigned to take care of your migration. PA is available to answer any questions via Skype/Email/Ticket.

Committed Response Time

We guarantee to respond within 12 hours for any arising issues during the migration process, Instead of 24 hours in the Basic Migration service.

Free Additional Options

All additional options related to migration such as Password Migration, SEO URLs Migration, 301 Redirect,… are included in the All-In-One Migration package.

Don't know how to check the number of entities on your store? Click here
Migration Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

I have purchased All-In-One Migration Service. What’s next?

After purchasing the All-In-One Migration service, you’ll be receiving an email from our system immediately to confirm your order. After that, we’ll set up the Demo Migration with limited entities and let you preview the result on your Target Store. Next, we’ll start Full Migration for you and have a thorough check at your store database to ensure that all the data is transferred accurately.

Why does All-In-One Migration take more time to complete than the Basic Migration?

To answer this, let’s first look at the complete migration process:

  • Step 1: Migration Configuration
  • Step 2:Full Migration
  • Step 3: Post-migration tasks

You may see the Time Estimation of Basic migration is just few hours but the Fulfillment Time of corresponding All-In-One service package is few days. Here is why:

  • Time Estimation: It is the time that your migration may take, from the time you start migration to the time migration completes (Step 2)
  • Fulfillment Time: It is the total time that we need to prepare migration, perform demo migration, verify data and then complete full migration (Step 1,2,3)

Because our experts will take care of your migration from A to Z, All-In-One Migration service will take more time to complete than the Basic Migration.

I submitted ticket but haven’t received your response

Normally, we reply to your ticket in less than 24 hours after your ticket is submitted (except Saturday, Sunday and holidays). Late responses can be caused by the following reasons:

  • Network or system problems occur. Your email couldn’t reach us due to errors of email system or our support system.
  • Your ticket is submitted in our break when we haven’t been back to work (our working time is from 8:00 to 18:00 from Monday to Friday – GMT+7)

If you have got no response in over 24 hours since you submitted a ticket and this issue is not due to the reason #2, please send us an email to We will check our system and contact you soon.

What are LitExtension working hours?

LitExtension Business Hours (UTC+7)

  • Phone support (For Sales Department): 24/5
  • Live Chat support (For Sales Department): 24/5
  • Technical support (Ticket and Email): From 08:00 to 18:00, Monday- Friday

Note: We are working on business days only, excluding National Holidays and weekends. Non-working day will be announced in our Social Chanels and Live Chat system.

Is All-in-One service one-time purchase or monthly fee?

You just need to pay one time to use our service. No monthly fee is required

I forgot to use a coupon code and paid full price. Can I get my money back?

There might be times when you forget to apply a discount code during checkout your order at the Order Confirmation step. In this case, the migration price will not include a discount and LitExtension will not refund this discount amount.

The main reason is that Paypal will underestimate our reputation whenever we make a refund. You can clearly see it’s not our fault in this case so that you should be more careful in every of your next purchases. However, good news is that we will add this amount to your balance manually in your next migrations.

How do I contact LitExtension?

There are many ways to contact LitExtension:

  • Submit your questions to our ticket system (highly recommended)
  • Email us at
  • Chat with us via live chat (click to chat box at the bottom-right screen on LitExtension page)


  • We do not support via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.
  • We are working on business days only, excluding national holidays and weekends.
I am dissatisfied with your support

LitExtension commits to providing you with the best quality services. We ensure that the services we provide will completely meet your needs and expectations. Moreover, LitExtension always tries to fulfill your needs in the most comfortable, courteous, and productive way.

However, it is inevitable that customers may sometimes be dissatisfied with the LitExtension service provision.

If you feel unpleasant with any services we provide, you could give us your feedback directly so that we can find out whether it is our mistakes or just a misunderstanding between two sides. Whatever the problems are, we will try to sort them out with a view to bringing the best services to our customers.

Please tell us when any problem arises. We are always willing to receive your feedback to improve our services.

LitExtension has in place a Customer Complaints Procedure, to ensure that all complaints are investigated thoroughly, fairly and in confidence. Please click here to send us your complaint.

Why Choose LitExtension

#1 Shopping Cart Migration Provider

We offer the state-of-the-art migration solution at the most reasonable price. You can upgrade your store with ease, high speed, and utmost accuracy.

No Technical Skill Needed

All shopping cart migration steps are simplified to reduce human involvement. Get a hands-off migration experience with LitExtension!

100% Uptime

We keep your store active normally during re-platforming. No sales disruption!

24/7 Professional Support

A dedicated support team right at your fingertips via ticket, phone, live chat, and email. They are available 24/7 even holidays to support you.

3-Month Migration Assurance

With 3 months of Free & Unlimited Recent Migrations, Re-migrations and Smart Update, your data is guaranteed to be fully migrated. 

30-day Money Back Guarantee

To prove confidence in our services and their value to you, we provide a 30-day money back guarantee.

How Your Data Is Secured During Migration?

We at LitExtension prioritize data security and have a set of practices, technologies and policies in place to ensure the highest level of security for your data. Check out our Data Security Policy.

Server Security

All migration jobs will be carried out on Linode servers located in the USA, Euro, Australia, Singapore,…

Data Security

The data is protected by HTTPS secure protocol and 128-bit SSL encryption. Nothing is stored on LitExtension’s servers.

Data Access Restriction

Only authorized LitExtension experts can access the source code to handle custom migration requests.

GDPR Compliance

LitExtension is compliant with GDPR regulations, a global data protection law passed by the European Union.


We do not keep your credentials or import records after the migration. Your data is guaranteed not to be disclosed or used for any other purposes rather than the migration.

Payment Security

Your payment is processed by Paypal – the #1 worldwide payment gateway. Hence, LitExtension does not store any payment data.

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Customer Satisfaction

Who We Truly Are? Let Our Customers Define

Jo Jordan
Jo JordanIreland

Firstly, the pricing is good compared to other migration apps. The most important opinion I would to offer as this review is that the support is very good. Rarely does anything run smoothly, so having the right support is crucial. Very good value for money.

KrisCalifornia, United States

Migrating from Zen-cart to a more modern platform is no easy task, so while there were a couple of things that didn't shift well at the start, they were more than happy to promptly provide a fix without delay. Very happy with their work and follow up.

Leave The Work For The Experts

Save time for more important tasks by letting our shopping cart migration experts take care of your website re-platforming from beginning to the end.

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