Migration Services

LitExtension is one of the best providers for Shopping Cart Migration Services. We provide a possibility to migrate customers, orders, products, SEO URLs, even passwords and other data with all corresponding data to a desirable shopping cart. Currently, LitExtension supports migration from 60+ most popular shopping carts. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate Contact Us, We always ready to answer 24/5 via live chat, support ticket or phone.


CSV Files Migration

CSV Migration is a procedure allowing you to migrate products, customers, orders, categories and other data from CSV files to a new shopping cart. With that, your products will be displayed properly on new online store normally and you can continue managing all items, customers, orders, categories, etc without corruption. [Read More]


Database Dump Migration

If you are concerned about any outside party getting involvement to your administration site, ineffective waste of time and money, or your site has been dead and what you have is only Database Files, whether you can migrate these information to a new platform or not. The answer is you can. Litextension will provide you a service called Database Dump Migration. [Read More]


Database Direct Migration

Database Direct Migration is a unique solution provided by Litextension which allows you to move directly data from Database to another platform without third party or another work involved. [Read More]


Custom Fields Migration

Custom fields are fields which manually created by installing custom modules or directly modifying your database. This service supports migration from your custom fields to desire shopping cart. [Read More]


Re-Migration Service

Re-Migration is the service of LitExtension implemented in case you need to transfer data from your source store to target all over again. The service can highly guarantee your plan of changing and enhancing your online business to never meet any obstacles. Matters which cause displaying of data, missing or losing for example, may happen when your source or/and target cart are not set up properly, failed theme or due to some customization negatively impacting on your site. They are headache issue and you cannot waste days to fix one by one, or to setup another store. It will slow down your business activity and damage sales. If you are stuck in these troubles, Remigration Service is definitely a salvation. [Read More]


Recent Data Migration

You have just finished a full migration from Source store to Target store using LitExtension migration tool, after that Source store is still live and continue getting new data, and you want to get your Target store updated with the new data. Recent Data Migration service is an additional service LitExtension provides, that permits to transfer all new products, customers, orders and other data (or just the entities you select) after you’ve performed a full migration. [Read More]


Customization Services

It can be any work you need done to the migration that is not covered by the scope of our support. In most cases, this is anything that falls outside of the options the migration offers. [Read More]


Trial Migration Service

Trial Migration Service is designed for merchants who are confused in choosing a good platform for their new online store. The service allows you to possibly review how your products, customers, orders as well as other entities are moved and displayed on target store, both in backend and frontend. This is the most effective way helping you to make a right solution for your business. You will see the operation of different frameworks. And above all, it’s totally free. [Read More]