How To Install Connector File

LitExtension Connector files are used to establish a connection between your shopping carts and make the data transfer possible. They are special access gateways that are completely secured by unique Security Tokens bounded to your personal account and provided by LitExtension. To work correctly, “le_connector” folder needs to be located in your store’s root folder. Below are the detailed instructions:

The procedure works the same for macOS, Windows and Linux users. You can use FileZilla or any FTP app (FileZilla, WinSCP, FileFTP, CuteFTP).

Step 1: Firstly, at your Migration Setup page, after filling Source/Target Cart URLs, download LitExtension Connector by clicking “Download LitExtension Connector”. You will receive a zip file. Unzip it.

Install Connector File



Step 2: Upload the folder “le_connector” to your Source/Target Store root folder via FTP. Whichever FTP client you are using (FileZilla, WinSCP, FileFTP, CuteFTP), enter the root folder of your store and paste the “le_connector” folder you have extracted from the zip file previously.

Install Connector File



Step 3: Check whether Connector files have been installed correctly. Click the instruction link or you can directly type URL in your browser. It should be /le_connector/connector.php added to your root store’s URL. If you see this message “Connector was successfully installed”, that means the connector is working correctly and you can proceed to the next step of your migration.

Install Connector File


Video Tutorial


If your web server is Nginx

If you are running Nginx as webserver (instead of Apache), the above steps might not get the connector working immediately. Because Nginx normally does not allow access to all PHP files, and thus requires some additional configuration for this to work. For details, please consult this instruction.

In case you still face difficulties, it is recommended to ask your web developer for help.


How to fix Connector Setup issue?

Question 1: I’m clicking on the link but just get a “File not found” message?

Please make sure you have uploaded the “le_connector” folder to the correct location on your website. With most shopping carts, you just need to upload “le_connector” to the web root folder. However, some carts have been configured to use a sub folder as root folder. For example:

Magento 2 can be configured to use both webroot or webroot/pub as root folder ( Please make sure you upload “le_connector” to the correct place.


Question 2: I’m clicking on the link but just get a “File not found. Nginx version ….” message?

This shows that your web server is running Nginx, have you checked the section “If your webserver is Nginx” above?


Question 3: I’m clicking on the link but no “Connector Installed” message shown?

It could be your permission setting upon the uploaded files and folder. Please set permissions like below:

1. 755 or 777 for “/le_connector” folder. If you are using Filezilla you can simply click on the “/le_connector” folder in your root folder, select file permissions and set the necessary value.


LitExtension connector


2. 644 (if “/le_connector” folder permission is set to 755) or 666 (if “/le_connector” folder permission is set to 777) for “connector.php”.




Question 4: Oops, it still doesn’t work?

No worries, we can give a helping hand for that, please just “Contact Us” for further assistance.


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