How To Get API From Squarespace

Your unique Squarespace API key is a randomized string of characters which permits authenticated access to your Squarespace account. You can get API from Squarespace using the steps below provided by LitExtension.
      1. In the Home Menu, click Setting, and then click Advanced.
      2. Click Squarespace API Key.
      3. Click Create Key.
      4. Enter a Key Name.
      5. Under API Key Scope, check Orders, Forms, or Inventory. Forms are available in the Business plan, and Orders and Inventory are only available in the Commerce Advanced plan
      6. Click Next.
      7. Copy your unique API Key.
        get API from Squarespace   That’s how you get your unique Squarespace API Key. You can follow these steps again to create multiple keys.   Should this process occur any issue, feel free to contact LitExtension Team. We are always 24/7 ready for support.

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