How To Get API From Neto

To get Neto API used for migration, please follow these steps provided by LitExtension team.  
  1. Log into your Neto Control Panel.
    1. If your site is not live, go to your Neto provided URL –
    2. If your site is live, go to your domain URL –
  3. From “Settings & tools” and click on “Staff users”.
  5. Click “Add New” to add a new staff user.
  7. Fill in all the mandatory fields shown below, “regenerate” the API Key and save the new API user.
    1. Be sure to use “API User” as the User Permission Group
    2. Remember to “regenerate” the API Key
      get API from Neto  
  9. Note down the Username and API Key for next step.
  You can watch this video tutorial to preview the process!     That’s how you get your Neto API. Should this process occur any issues, feel free to direct Litextension team for further help at

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