How To Get API From BigCommerce

To generate BigCommerce store API Credentials, log into the store, then:
  1. Navigate to Advanced Settings > API Accounts > Create API Account.
  2. Give the account a name (internal only).
  3. In the OAuth Scopes section, select the minimum scopes the app will require.
  4. Select Save.
  A successful save will display a pop-up containing the API credentials that your app will need to run authenticated requests – your Client ID and Access Token. A .txt file containing the same credentials will (on most browsers) automatically download to your computer. This file also contains the base API Path for your store, preconfigured for the v3 API. The base API path will look something like this: In the base path, the store hash is the 123456. This will be used to make API requests. To get started making requests, see API Requests.  

Create an API Account

  get API from BigCommerce   Note: Save your credentials There is no way to re-display this pop-up after selecting Done, so be sure to securely store the credentials before leaving this screen.   Good luck with your process! Should you face any trouble, feel free to direct contact LitExtension team. We are always 24/7 ready for support.

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