How to check the number of entities on Mijoshop

With three simple steps, you can check the number of entities on the Mijoshop platform. Follow the detailed instructions below to perform it, let’s started!

Step 1: Check the number of products on Mijoshop

To see how many products are available in your Home Menu store, please click “Catalog”, then click Products Number of Products: Catalog -> Products Products screen displays a lot of product attributes such as Name, Type, SKU, price, …  
How to check product entities on MojiShop

Number of products on MijoShop

Step 2: Check the number of orders on Mijoshop

According to the same principle, you can check the number of other entities such as orders very quickly. You can check the total number of Order on Dashboard Be sure to select the right time range to get all the data. Number of Order:  Dashboard -> Total Orders

Number of orders on MijoShop

Step 3: Check the number of  customer on Mijoshop

The same step as checking the entities of orders, you go to Dashboard -> Total Customers
How to check customer entities on MojiShop

Number of customers on MijoShop
Good luck with your process! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact LitExtension team. We are always 24/7 ready for support.  
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