LitExtension vs Cart2Cart: SEO URLs Solution Comparison

Why should you migrate SEO URLs?

A lot of customers have problem in changing their SEO URLs after migration Process. It is risky business. Because changing URLs is one of the top ways to ruin your website, not only devastate SEO ranking, but also traffic.

  • Loss of SEO Ranking: Absolutely if any URL is changed, some website visitors can’t reach your desire page. At the same time, they will receive 404 error. So that, when your URLs are changed, your organic search performance is going to change
  • Devastate traffic: Changing the URL can have an impact on referring links to direct page visitors to error pages. These broken links will affect referring links traffic and the reliability of your site as well.


Solution for SEO URLs After Migration

The issue of whether target store could keep SEO URLs after migrating from the source store to target store is the most important of store owners.

Below are 2 reasons:

  • Each platform has a unique structure and a different rule of URLs texture
  • Users have used the 3rd party extension or fixed URL structure manually

So each store owner can customize their URLs in two ways: One is using the URLs plugin, the other is your current platform generates algorithmic URLs by itself.

Corresponding to those cases, migration companies are providing 2 types of solution:

  • One is the default built-in tool
  • Creates custom tools for each client.

The first has been offering by most providers, including Cart2Cart. It seems to be cheaper, faster but, yes, not available in case you used SEO URL extension of the third party.

The second solution is supported by LitExtension only. Let move to part 3 to see the superiority of LitExtension.


Migrate SEO URLs By LitExtension

With everyone has demand for switching SEO URLs from existing site to a new one, Our implementation process is as follows:

  • Step 1: Enter customer’s website and learn the URLs algorithm
  • Step 2: Design a customized tool matching with the URL generation algorithm in each customer’s Platform
  • Step 3: Perform full SEO URLs migration

With this meticulous approach, each customer of LitExtension will be created a separate plugin to migrate SEO URLs. So that we meet all customer’s demands, no matter what algorithm they use to generate URLs.

It’s also our unique advantage.

While Cart2Cart’s solution only fixes the error of changing SEO URLs in case you used the default SEO plugin. That’s why the cost of URLs Migration Service from LitExtension is higher than Cart2Cart.


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