• Can I edit Migration Tool's source code?

    The code is encrypted , encrypted code doesn't require any special PHP module to run, it will work normally just like open source version. If you try to decrypt, We will not be responsible for any inaccurate results after you decrypt our product. Immediately, we will deny any support, refund for this license

  • Is it possilbe to migrate Customers Password?

    Yes, Our Migration Tools is able to migrate Customers Password from all eCommerce platforms to Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop. Please click here for more detais

  • How many migrations can I perform when I buy a product package?

    You can use the product on any store and perform migrations as many times as you wish

  • Can I migrate Attribute sets from Magento to Magento?

    Yes. You can migrate Attribute sets with following steps:

    - You just need to create attribute sets in target Magento first
    - During migration, you just need to map old attribute sets to target attribute sets that should do the job

  • What is Domain License?

    Domain license is the number of Source Store Url technically restricted by the tool. This license is applied for Source Url only.

    - One Domain License: migrate data from ONE Source Url to ANY Target Url.
    - Unlimited Domain License: migrate data from ANY Source Url to ANY Target Url.

  • What is Custom Fields? How can I check Custom field?

    Custom fields are fields which manually created by installing custom modules or directly modifying your database. In details:

    - Many source carts have the ability to create their own custom fields in the backend, these fields are not considered custom fields as per our terms and CAN BE MIGRATED automatically.

    - Only when fields are manually created by installing custom module or directly custom on your database are considered as custom fields, and they will need "Custom Fields Plugin" to be migrated.

    To check Custom Field, you can ask your website developer or email us to contact@litextension.com, we will help you to check for free

  • Can not migrate product images from Volusion to Magento/Prestashop/WooCommerce on demo site?

    You are trying to migration from Volusion to Magento/Prestashop/WooCommerce on demo site, but you can not migrate product images. Please send us your product sample data and Volusion URL to contact@litextension.com, we will check and reply you as soon as possible

  • Can I migrate Review from BigCommerce to Magento/Prestashop/WooCommerce?

    Yes,  our Migration tool supports migration Review data from BigCommerce to Magento/Prestashop/WooCommerce

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