How to keep store rank when migrating to Shopify?

You can keep store rank when migrating from/to Shopify.

Preserving your store SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Pagerank is the most important thing you are highly recommended to consider when performing data migration from other platforms to Shopify. Imagine you have been spending so much time, money and dedication to develop your online store and make it popular and trusted for numerous customers, but one day, after moving your cart to Shopify regardless the change of your site’s rank on Google, new shop disappears when someone is finding a product which is selling well on your site, and your competitor’s. It is definitely a heavy loss to your sale and your business development.

Fortunately, Litextension provides an accompanied service called SEO 301 Redirects which effectively helps you retain your SEO advantage and avoid damage. You can easily integrate this additional feature with your data migration without technical expertise required.

To perform this task, choose Create 301 Redirect among additional options at step 2 of the migration.


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