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What is the Connector file and how to download it?

Litextension Connector is used as an access gateway to connect and deliver data from source cart to target cart without magnificent effort of other complicated technical work. Simply imagine that your stores are like two houses with full data of products, customers and orders, etc inside, Litextension Connector now works as keys to open those houses and take your necessary information, simultaneously establishes a bridge between them to help your data move on it until being placed to new corresponding locations in the new house accurately.

The Connector needs to be put into source store’s root folder to work. These following steps will help you to install it effortlessly.


  1. Firstly, at your Migration Setup page, after filling Source/Target cart URL, easily download connector by clicking “Download Litextension Connector”. You will receive a zip file.

  1. Then unzip the file to get le_connector, upload the folder into your Source/Target store’s root folder by FTP/SSH protocol (cPanel, FileZilla, WinSCP, File FTP, CuteFTP)

  1. Comeback to your migration page, now an automated message will appear on your screen to inform the connector has been successfully installed without manual checking.


Done! You have already installed Litextension connector successfully. Hit next to finish your data migration with Litextension!


How to fix Connector Setup issue?

If you have already uploaded Connector into source store root folder but received no message, you might be meeting 755/777 error.

Comeback your root folder, right click le_connector, go to file permission, then in the tool box, change full permission for the connector by choosing Read/Write/Execute together.

Do the same principle for other issue 644/666.


Then back to your migration process and perform normally!

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