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Refund Policy

For Migration Tools

If the tool does not work for your case by following our setup instructions, or it does not live up to what has been advertised, we will refund with full amount within 30 days. The following cases are not eligible for refund:

  • You did not follow our Installation/User Guide which cause the tool fails to work.
  • You have no clear evidence that the tool fails to work.
  • You do not have permission (FTP/Cpanel/Admin account) of Source/Target Store.
  • You ask for refund for reasons not related to the migration tool purchased.
  • You want extra features/functionalities which the tool does not have.
  • Your Source/Target store has been configured to prevent the connector to work.
  • Your Source/Target store has been tweaked or installed with custom modules which prevent the migration module to work properly.
  • You paid the migration tools via cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Tender USD).

Instead, we provide support to resolve all such situations, please just feel free Contact Us


For Migration/Customization Services

  • LitExtension provides refund in full within 30 days if there are any major technical issues with migrated data. This has been verified and confirmed by LitExtension Support Team and can’t be resolved except the cases that are related to shopping cart limitations or cases that LitExtension Team can not affect. After the refund is made LitExtension stops taking any actions regarding refunded migration.
  • LitExtension does not provide refunds for any services that our tech engineers perform. Those are as follows:
  • LitExtension does not provide refunds for service performance delays that were caused by 3rd party (hosting provider, shopping cart vendors, etc.) faults. However, we guarantee full service delivery after those issues are being solved.
  • It is highly recommend to refrain from performing any manipulations with Target store during the process of automated migration. LitExtension does not provide refunds or take responsibility for possible data corruption or incorrect migration happened because of unwary client’s interference
  • After the full refund was issued the customer is obligated to delete all the migrated data, including images, MySQL dumps, CSV/XML files or backups, that contain these files.

To request refund, please Submit a Ticket with your order information to our ticket system. You will receive the refund within 7 days since your request is confirmed.

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