Extra Features

LitExtension is one of the best providers for Shopping Cart Migration Services. We provide a possibility to migrate customers, orders, products, SEO URLs, even passwords and other data with all corresponding data to a desirable shopping cart. Currently, LitExtension supports migration from 60+ most popular shopping carts. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate¬†Contact Us, We always ready to answer 24/5 via live chat, support ticket or phone.


Password Migration

With different algorithm, users passwords in most of different platforms have to be stored in other encryption way. This is primary reason why even professionals cannot ensure to keep all users passwords after migration from platform to another. [Read More]


SEO URLs Migration

The issue of whether target store could keep SEO URLs (viz SEO ranking) after migrating from the source store to target store is the most important of store owners. The SEO URLs plugin helps you to migrate Products and Categories URLs. Old URLs will be saved in Target Store and maintained to keep all current SEO ranking you have built up for years. It will be customized by our team to fit 100% your Source store URL structure. [Read More]


WP Multi-Language Migration

WooCommerce does not support Multi-Language feature by default. This service is available if your Source or Target store is WooCommerce and using WordPress Multilanguage (WPML) plugin.. [Read More]