How to export data to CSV Files from Yahoo

Welcome to LitExtension, this guide shows you How to export data to CSV Files from Yahoo.

Let’s begin the process!

      1. Using your web browser, log in to the Store Manager of your Yahoo! Store.
      2. Click Orders.
      3. Enter the range of orders to import (next to the Export button).
      4. Select your desired file format by clicking either MS Excel or MS Access in the drop down list.
      5. Click Export. Note: Yahoo! does not permit you to download more than 3,000 orders at one time. If you must import more orders, repeat these steps entering a new range of orders.
         export data to CSV Files from Yahoo

      You must download all of the CSV files, either individually or together. To download each individually, click the Download link next to the file name. To download the files together, click the Download link next to All tables as tar file. Note: You only have to download the CustomFields.csv file if you use custom fields in your shopping cart.

      If you download the files individually, save them to the c:\StoneEdge\NewOrders directory. If you download the tar file, use an application such as WinZip to extract the individual files to the c:\StoneEdge\NewOrders directory.Note: The directory to which you save the files must match the directory specified in the YahooImportDirectory system parameter (Yahoo group).
      Good luck with your process! Should you face any trouble, feel free to direct Litextension team via this email: