How to export data to CSV Files from Shopware

Welcome to LitExtension, this guide shows you How to export data to CSV Files from Shopware.

Let’s begin the process!

In order to securely export products from Shopware, follow the instructions given below:

      1. First of all, download the free Shopware “Import/Export” module from the Shopware app store. It allows you to export your product data to XML or CSV formats.



          1. In section “Export” you need to choose CSV format. Note that Products in Shopware are called “Articles”.


                1. When you choose what Products you want to export from Shopware to CSV, start export by clicking on “Export starten” button. You will see the progress bar on the screen with the process of importing Products to CSV.
                   export data to CSV Files from Shopware</
                  Good luck with your process! Should you face any trouble, feel free to direct Litextension team via this email: