How to export data to CSV Files from Lightspeed

Welcome to LitExtension, this guide shows you How to export data to CSV Files from Lightspeed.

Let’s begin the process!

To export from the tools menu:

  1. While in the Store Master, click on Products in the menu on the left.
  2. Click Tools Export Products.
  3. Select which fields to export from the list of available fields.

  5. Click Export.
  6. Select where you would like to save the exported file.


NOTE: The file will save as a .txt file by default. We recommend changing the file extension to .csv before saving. This will yield better results when opening the exported file as a spreadsheet.

Click save and the file will then be available to open and edit. Again, note that step 4 may take considerable time and may lock-up Lightspeed OnSite if you have a larger inventory, so try to use this method only after hours.

That’s how you have your data exported to CSV from Lightspeed. Should you face any interruption, feel free to direct us via