• Simple, Efficient, Affordable and Accurate.....These are the Guys you need !!

    We are migrating from OpenCart to Shopify and the team at Litextensions helped us do this. They saved me hundreds of hours (and many $'s) by seamlessly doing the migration.
    Products, Images, Categories, Customers, Orders...EVERYTHING !!!
    All of the above, plus more, and at a realistic and extremely affordable price.
    I cannot speak highly enough about these people. So professional, so helpful and so FAST !! We experienced some issues (unrelated to Litextension) and we were delayed some 3 months in migrating. When I approached Litextension to ask if they could just Export/Import my new orders/customers they did that within a few hours and, much to my surprise, at no cost!!
    Stop looking around and wasting your time. Talk to Litextension now. Get the ball rolling today. Within 2-3 days your migration will be complete. No Headaches...no Hidden Costs !!
    Can not reccomend them highly enough.
    Paul and Selina