• Opencart to Woocommerce - with passwords!

    I tried another company but they couldn't transfer the passwords which meant an email would have had to be sent out to 1000s of customers to change them themselves. Plus they took a week! This however took a couple of hours (though we don't have many products).
    This transfered the lot! Customers just logged into their account as normal.
    It really is a very easy plugin to use.
    All previous orders showed up in Woocommerce too.
    Variable products and Attributes copied over (just remember to go into Attributes and edit one/save one to refresh the database and get them to show up after the transfer.)
    One other tip - when transfering the products (there's a progress bar) it looked like it's stuck, but it wasn't - you get press a Retry button but it automatically reconnects/imports anyway.)
    And another good thing is if you keep your opencart shop live during woocommerce development - you can import any new customers/orders before taking it down!
    Dead chuffed - excellent support too! 10/10