• Awesome product! Great service!

    We recently changed our setup from WooCommerce to Magento and there seemed to be no easy way to import all of the products to Magento that I spent countless hours working on in WooCommerce. I discovered a few migration services that were very expense. I stumbled across this module and decided to take a big gamble on Litextension, not really knowing what I was going to get.

    I have to say I am very happy to have picked them. Within no time they imported all of my categories and products which including images, pricing, skus, etc. It may be the job of switching carts a 1000x easier!!! If it had not been done, I would have wasted an unbelievable amount of time.

    When I compare what I spent vs. what other sites would have charged me, Litextension was a no brainer.

    As you would expect, being two totally different cart platforms there were minor hiccups, but Alex (their main contact) worked with me on several occasions to get things done and fast. He knew I was anxious to get the cart up and running and made it happen.
    Overall my experience with Magento has been positive and people like Alex and Litextension are the reason why that is so!