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We like to get feedback, and we especially like hearing when our client thinks it was a job well done. We're more than happy to let our customers speak on our behalf, because word of mouth drives our success. So if you're looking at the online reviews, we hope you'll get a fell for what it is we do here

  • Review by: Tahmi
    Located: United States

    I've done data migration in the past, and I know that there are always some bumps along the way. It was no different with this migration but the support was outstanding. They worked on the migration until all of the data was perfect in the new system, which I greatly appreciated. I would recommend this company to anyone doing data migration work!

  • Review by: Design Team
    Located: United States

    This is by far the best migration tool I have found. I migrated a store from Zencart to Big Commerce and it was seamless. The customer support is great and will answer any questions you have.

  • Review by: Sam
    Located: United Kingdom

    The tool is straightforward and easy to use. We had a complex system and migration and the pre-sales and then also technical support were very helpful. We then had some issues with our system and ended up having to do the migration again several times and they were happy to help and make custom modifications for us. Recommended

  • Review by: Dominique
    Located: Netherlands

    We migrated a shop for a customer, from WooCommerce to Magento 2. It wasn't straight forward out of the box due to custom attributes and a LOT of configurable products but their dev Alice helped us out and fixed all issues without hesitation. Really great company to work with. Excellent quality. 5 stars.

  • Review by: Anna
    Located: Poland

    We all know that migrating from one engine to a different one is not an easy task. The plugin was successfull in 98%. There was a hickup, but the support is quick and helpfull. Actually I had to perform the migration twice and Jane from the support was my hero again. I reccomend this tool.

  • Review by: Andreas
    Located: Switzerland

    We had a complex migration from Prestashop (without admin accesss) to Woocommerce and these guys have been able to migrate our whole catalogue in no time without losing datas. I can't tell how much time we won using their services! We can only recommend their services if you need to migrate from your website form one CMS to another one!

  • Review by: Jens
    Located: Germany

    I tried several plugins before I found the LitExtension plugin, too. They were either difficult to configure or the output was not as desired. The LitExtension plugin does not just deliver what it promises. But rather to mention here is the amazing support (thanks Jenny!). They looked closely at my case and helped me with the optimization of the data - several times! Even now - four weeks after the migration - Jenny asks if everything is going well or if I need help. Thank you! Keep up the good work, LitExtension-Team!

  • Review by: Marcello
    Located: Australia

    I am very happy, Jane have been so helpful, she actually helped me with the migration twice!!! Best customer service ever!! Thank you so very much!

  • Review by: Paul
    Located: Australia

    I tried four different migration tools and all of them messed up something or didn't work. Then I found Litextensions. The support people were so responsive and happy to help, even though i asked a lot of questions. I then ran the migration tool. WOW! It took minutes to configure, ran without any issues and saved me days of manual work. Highly recommended and thank you! It's refreshing to know there are still companies out there with high quality products and really care about their customers.

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