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We like to get feedback, and we especially like hearing when our client thinks it was a job well done. We’re more than happy to let our customers speak on our behalf, because word of mouth drives our success. So if you’re looking at the online reviews, we hope you’ll get a fell for what it is we do here

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Chris. martinezUnited States

We had an unusual circumstance because of the Magento version we were using. Our first attempted migration went sideways as a result. However, as soon as we reached out to the LitExtension team, they got right on it and put together a modified migration package for us that worked like a champ!

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Finn RasmussenThailand

Fantastic service

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Gareth Hughes United Kingdom

You don't need to look any further than LitExtension for migrating from one platform to another. These guys know what they are doing. They will go out of their way to make sure that your migration runs as smooth as possible and that all of your data in migrated across. I highly recommend using this company A+++++

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The Phooks StoreCyprus

An easy to use application which does exactly what it offers: simple and fast migration from one store to another, and provides some customization options. In my case, that was Shopify to Woocommerce migration which allowed me to avoid a lot of manual routine work, exported everything: products, customers, orders and all the details.

You're able to re-export for an unlimited amount of times which could be quite useful while you're setting up everything and make some mistakes.

And moreover, an absolutely amazing support team that solved a problem with connections to my servers and databases in less than a day. Many thanks, Ashley, and others!

Use it without doubts.

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Great team. The migration had problems in the beginning, but the team always helped and everyone was perfect in the end.
Thanks for your great work.

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Superb experience. We had issues with our migration which is most likely linked to the old system we were using.

We were quickly helped and after a short period of time, had our migration completed.

Highly recommended rather than wasting time trying to fix it yourself 🙂

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Un servicio fantástico
Muy buen apoyo y unos grandes profesionales

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Gabriel MiguelCanada

Great service. My migration of 1100+ products from an old Joomla store to WooCommerce worked perfectly. Any issues I had were handled directly by the customer service. They really helped implement some custom solutions as far as migrating over old product URLs for SEO purposes. Helpful friendly folks, great service

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akash soniIndia

You have a right product for all kind of migration process. Product support and technical support team is awesome and they know their products very well.

One thing that i would like to share with my experience in IT industry is that your product needs regular up-gradation with all the tools with latest API sync.

As in my case we need to re-import as shopify and magento 2x API needs some kind of technical correction.

You should also Focus and mentioned about Specifically support for MAGENTO 2x, Which might increase your conversion and also mentioned FREE 20 Demo Entities import, which win customer's trust like what I convince after demo import and data sync correctly.

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Kiaran BlackScotland

This was brilliant - so easy to use/ set up & run.
Wish I'd found this years ago! - customer service & support was brilliant when i ran into one small issue.

Thank you very much , really impressed from start to finish!

AkllaExport Bisuteria EcologicaPeru

We just required to migrate our Opencart to Woocommerce and it worked great! The service is excellent and the support is fast and outstanding 😀

Highly recommended!

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Rick LeesUnited Kingdom

We had countless problems with Magento's native migration. We were very relieved that using Lit resolved the problem. More importantly, when there was an issue with some of the images not migrating, the support team were straight on it to get the issue resolved quickly. Probably the best extension support team we've come across.

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Great product and excellent support. I recommend Lit Extension for all your migrations!

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Team J&JOYBelgium

From Prestashop to Shopify 5* !
I asked LitExtension and many others companies to migrate our full database (customers, orders, items,...), it was very fast and the customer service was very kind and professional !
Maxime - J&JOY

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The guys working excellent, support is very good.

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