Create 301 Redirects

This option allows you to automatically redirect your old URLs to the new one during the migration. As a result, you can maintain your SEO ranking and customers experience after the website replatforming.

Why You Need 301 Redirect

301 redirect is a permanent redirect process from one site to another. The redirect practice is an effective way to send the message to both your customers and the search engines that the page has already been removed.

With 301 redirect option, after the migration, whenever customers access your old URLs, they will be automatically redirected to the new ones.

The key difference between 301 redirect option and SEO URLs migration is while the former creates two URLs, the later only allows one working. As a result, 301 redirect option passes all the power score to your new URL.

Important Note:
  • This service is available for every eCommerce platform except for OpenCart
Download and Installation

Since Prestashop and WooCommerce don’t have fields to enter SEO URLs by default, you have to download these below plugins for us to create 301 redirects automatically

To set up, you should download plugin packages above, extract it and read the “read_me.txt” and follow the setup guide.

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