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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I contact LitExtension?

    There are many ways to contact LitExtension:


    • We do not support via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.
    • We are working on business days only, excluding National Holidays and weekends.
    I am dissatisfied with your support.

    If you feel unpleasant with any services we provide, you could give us your feedback directly so that we can find out whether it is our mistakes or just a misunderstanding between two sides. Whatever the problems are, we will try to sort them out with a view to bringing the best services to our customers. Please tell us when any problem arises. We are always willing to receive your feedback to improve our services.

    LitExtension has in place a Customer Complaints Procedure, to ensure that all complaints are investigated thoroughly, fairly and in confidence. Please click here to send us your complaint.

    I want to complain your service?

    We are committed to bringing you the best quality which is possible in our capability. Hopefully, the services provided by LitExtension can fulfill your needs in the most comfortable, courteous, and productive way.

    However, it is inevitable that the customers may feel disappointed with the level of services received sometimes. If you have a problem, feel free to directly send us any feedback of what you have been dealing with. We are always available to help you straight it away. If things go wrong, we would like to support you in resolving it instantly, so please tell us when a question occurs. Click here to send us your complaint.

    I submitted ticket but haven’t received your response.

    Normally, we reply to your ticket in 24 hours on weekdays and 54 hours on weekend (except national holidays). For All-in-One package, our standard response time are 12 hours and 45 hours, respectively. Late responses can be caused by the following reasons:

    • Network or system problems occur. Your email couldn’t reach us due to errors of email system or our support system.
    • Your ticket is submitted during our national holidays. 

    If you don’t get any reply in our standard response time, please send us an email to We will check your ticket and contact you soon.

    What security is in place to protect my information?

    Data is considered a primary asset and as such must be protected in a manner commensurate to its value. Data security is necessary for today’s environment because data processing represents a concentration of valuable assets in the form of information, equipment, and personal. The main objective of this policy is to ensure that data is protected in all of its forms, on all media, during all phases of its life cycle. Please click here for further details

    How can I get LitExtension support?

    There are several ways available for you to easily get LitExtension support:

    Submit a ticket as soon as you encounter any problems. This way is prioritized to solve with our support helpdesk. In this ticket, please provide full information of your site (FTP account, admin access), the trouble that you have (replicate the steps, screenshots…) or your request. This is the best way to solve all the issues related to technique as we can carefully review your site to find out the best solution. Furthermore, we will notify you the up to date status of your problem every day until it’s solved 100%.

    – Email us at and let us know your problem.

    – Contact us on live chat in our standard working time (UTC+7):

    • Tuesday to Saturday: 00h00 to 23h59
    • Sunday and Monday: 08h30 to 23h59

    However, please take notice that for technical problems, we are unable to fix immediately right on the live chat. We just can take your information to review your site, receive your requests and contact you later via email.

    What info do I need to provide when I need support?

    When you need to support, please provide LitExtension with the following information on the Contact Form:

    • Order ID
    • E-mail address
    • Description of your issue(s).
    • URL, Admin account and FTP (with OpenSource cart) or API (with hosted cart)

    Our technical support team is going to check and reply as soon as possible.

    What do I do if migration service won’t work as expected?

    Do not worry if the migration service doesn’t work. Our support team is always available to help you. If the migration service does not work as you expect, LitExtension provides a full refund within 30 days in case there are any major technical issues with migrated data.

    How can I get the Invoice after purchasing?

    To get the Invoice, you can directly log-in at LitExtension by your registered email and go to “My Profile” then “Billing” and select the order you are looking for. Now please click to “Print Order”, you can print directly or save as PDF.

    I am getting error during payment in Paypal

    Are you struggling with error during payment? Please download our Payment Guide to try other payment methods.

    To get answers to more questions, visit our complete FAQ page.

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    • Migrate on your own

      Have a COMPLICATED MIGRATION? Show us & win a chance to redeem 30% your order.

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