How to check the number of entities on Magento

It is simple as ABC to check the number of entities on Magento Platform.

First, access your Magento Admin Panel and follow the instructions below:

Step 1. Check the number of Products

To see how many products are available in your current store, please click “Catalog” then select “Manage Products”.

Products screen displays a lot of product attributes such as Name, Type, SKU, price, … You will see the total quantity of your products on the top of the table.

Number of Products: Catalog -> Manage Products
How to check number of products on Magento
However, there is a peculiarity – Magento counts each product variant of configurable products as a separate one. Thus, the total number of products in Magento admin panel will be different from the one displayed on Migration Wizard during the transfer.

Step 2. Check the number of Customers

According to the same principle, you can check the number of other items such as customers, orders very quickly.

Number of customers: Customers -> Manage Customers.
How to check number of customers on Magento

Step 3. Check the number of Orders

Similar to check the number of orders, go to Sales, select Orders to check how many orders are existing in your store.

Number of orders: Sales -> Orders
How to check number of order on Magento


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