How to check the number of entities on Interspire

It is simple as ABC to check the number of entities on Interspire Platform. First, access your Interspire Admin Panel and follow the instructions below:


Step 1: Check the number of products

To see how many products are available in your current store, please click “Products”then choose “All Products”.

Number of Products: Products -> All Products
entities on interspire

Pic 1: Go to Products -> All Products to access products page. You can see a lot of attributes of products such as image, SKU, etc.


entities on interspire

Pic 2For example, the total quantity of product in my Interspire is now 32.


So, as you can see, there are 4 product pages in total, normally each page has 10 products. But in that case, 4th page only shows 2.

The number of products = 3 x 10 +2 = 32 (products) 


Step 2:Check the number of other entities on Interspire

According to the same principle, you can check the number of other entities such as customers, orders very quickly.

These pictures will show you how to check customers and orders:

Number of customers: Customers -> All Customers (In the same way, you definitely calculate the number of customers)
entities on interspire


Step 3: Check the number of Orders

Similar to check the number of orders, go to Orders, select All Orders to check how many orders are existing in your store.

Number of Orders: Orders -> All Orders
entities on interspire

The Order Administration Page shows you detailed information of each orders, including ID, Customer, Date, Status, Total and Action as well.
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