How to check the number of entities on xt:Commerce / xt:Commerce Veyton

It is simple as ABC to check the number of entities on xt:Commerce Platform. First, access your xt:Commerce Admin Panel and follow the instructions below:


Step 1: Check the number of products on xt:Commerce

To see how many products are available in your current store, please click “Product” from Option toolbar.

Products screen displays a lot of product attributes such as product ID, Type, product name, …

Number of Products: Menu bar -> Product
entities on xt:Commerce


In the top right of the table you will see the total quantity of products in your shopping cart.


Step 2: Check the number of other items on xt:Commerce

According to the same principle, you can check the number of other items such as customers, orders very quickly.

These pictures will show you how to check customers:

Number of Orders/Customers: Orders/Customers -> Customers.
entities on xt:Commerce


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