Magento is a free open-source platform (Community Edition) similar to WooCommerce. It is highly flexible and famous for unlimited customization possibilities for the technically inclined store owners or programmers. Many people using Woocommerce are looking for WooCommerce Magento migration. Because WooCommerce is a good choice for small business without a doubt, but for larger ones. Magento is best suited for mid to large size companies. For example, major enterprises like Burger King, Nike, The North Face, and Samsung utilize Magento for its vast capabilities.

So why Magento is a smart alternative for WooCommerce when you want to deal with a larger e-Commerce business?


Firstly, Magento’s setup process is similar to WordPress. It means you need to manually install the official software from Magento’s website then find your own web hosting. After downloading the software, you may use either an auto-installer or manual installation to get the application up and running. Honestly, the initial setup process is fairly complicated. However, once the installation is complete, you’ll find the dashboard to be much friendlier and really professional.

Next, adding products to your storefront is just as easy as the other platforms. In fact, most of the business operations in terms of the setup of your eCommerce store are not difficult. The real difficulty is found when it comes time for customization. But this is not a matter of Magento only. If you want to customize any platform, you should have the technical skill to deal with it. If not, hiring a developer is necessary.


Magento is the richest platform in the feature. Out of box, a lot of extensions and add ons are available both for free and paid. You can find it in many places and the market. Truly a piece of brilliant software design, the platform allows for total control of your online channel. Magento interface is well-arranged categories and clear panel. The structure and tools for marketing or for attracting traffics are really smart. Magento is the ultimate platform for enterprise-level businesses.

Moreover, Magento has an extensive ecosystem of plugins and extensions to optimize your business. Magento Extensions provides a whole host of additional functionality to optimize your business, and the options are vast. Magento Extensions has you covered for nearly every imaginable eCommerce related functionality.


Magento is great for SEO but can be difficult to implement due to the high-level complexity of the platform. Magento has become popular, in part, due to its SEO capabilities, such as Google Sitemap, image optimization, and URL rewriting. It’s also simple to meta-tag products and information. Magento 2, the newest addition, comes included with an SEO extension which acts as a full SEO solution to your eCommerce website. Like any other platform, it’s important to have a basic understanding of SEO best practices in terms of using proper keywords, product image optimization, site speed, and avoiding duplicate content, among others. SEO operations within your Magento ecosystem would fall into ongoing maintenance and, without a computer-savvy background, should be undertaken by professional management.

Fortunately, with WooCommerce Magento Migration, you can keep your page rank easily. Besides, you also can improve your prank by very smart Magento SEO tool. It definitely helps you store to attract more and more visitors.

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