In 2018, LitExtension made a bold decision to spend one year rebuilding the whole system from scratch. At that time, we adopted the latest technologies and moved our platform to the cloud. With the new platform, we have pushed everything far beyond what the current 2.0 version can do. 

Cloud-based LitExtension has everything that exists in its predecessor, plus the latest technologies and advanced features. Especially, our version 3 supports migration among almost all popular shopping carts. It represents our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation so as to provide the best migration service ever.

Up until now, LitExtension has successfully migrated more than 140.000 stores for over 40.000 customers all over the world with the utmost level of satisfaction. We have developed as a world leading shopping cart migration.

In this article, I am going to give you a thorough comparison of LitExtension version 2 and version 3. After that, we will go deep into the explanation of noticeable innovations to see how they can benefit you.

LitExtension 2 vs LitExtension 3: Features comparison

LitExtension version 2 is a module integrated directly on customers’ target site. It is managed by LitExtension through licence keys. However, LitExtension version 3 operates independently on the cloud. This important distinction makes LitExtension version 3 considerably different from its previous version. 

Features LitExtension version 2 LitExtension version 3
Preparation When LitExtension module is updated or modified, customers need to update the license key or reinstall the module. Because the migration is processed on the server, when there are changes in the code, they will be automatically updated.
Demo migration  Customers only can perform demo migration with LitExtension target carts. Customers can perform migration with both their own target carts and LitExtension test stores for unlimited times.
Supported carts Supported target platforms: 11

Supported source platforms: 49

Supported platforms: 90+
Number of entities Not available Automatically check the number of entities after demo migration
Additional features
  • Customers password migration
  • SEO URLs/301 redirect migration
  • Custom fields migration
  • WP multi-language migration
  • Customers password migration
  • SEO URLs/301 redirect migration
  • Custom fields migration
  • WP multi-language migration
  • Clear current data on Target Store before Migration
  • Transfer images from Categories, Product descriptions to Target Store
  • Preserve Order IDs on Target Store
  • Strip HTML from category, product names
  • Migrate Source Store categories into Shopify Smart Collections
  • CSV data migration
  • Database dump migration
  • Recent data migration
  • CSV data migration
  • Database dump migration
  • Recent data migration
  • Database direct migration
  • Change DNS and switch domain
  • Re-migration
  • Smart-update 
During migration Keep the screen on during the migration process until it finishes.

Can be interrupted when the internet is disconnected.

Customers don’t need to keep the PC on while the data is being transferred.

Customers will be notified via email when the process is completed.

Connector installation Connector versions are different for different target carts.
The token by default is    123456 which needs changing after downloading the connector.
All target carts use the same connector.Connector is checked and encrypted automatically and safely when customers sign in accounts.

Token is unique for each customer and highly-secured.

Data mapping  Customers have to map data manually. Automated mapping recommendation is available.
Migration management The module needs to be reinstalled when changing the target cart The unique migration tasks management allows you to see the migration history and continue the unfinished migrations.
Supported entities Taxes, categories, products, customers, orders. Almost all types of entities.
Cost Fees are required for all additional options

It takes 50$ to install a target store.

Some additional options are free of charge

Target store installation does not require any fees in All-in-one package.

The smallest package costs 19$. It allows to migrate 100 entities

Customer support Response time within 24 hours Response time within 12 hours

The table above lists out the main differences of two versions of LitExtension. Overall, a great number of new advanced features have been added in LitExtension version 3 with a view to bringing customers more migration possibilities.

Now let’s go into details about new features of LitExtension version 3.

LitExtension version 3 outstanding renovations

Attractive cost

To better your migration experience with LitExtension, we have tried to minimize the cost as much as possible. To be more specific, LitExtension will not charge you any fee for:

Moreover, LitExtension version 3 has just brought an attractive migration plan which costs only 19$ for migrating 100 entities.

Professional support

One of the new strong aspects of LitExtension is the dedicated support team who work 24/5 to answer any questions regarding the data transfer process and LitExtension services. 

In case of complicated matters arising, we commit to give you a comprehensive answer within 12 hours. And this support service is totally free.

Automated and straightforward migration process

In LitExtension version 2, you will complete your data transfer via a module. It is installed and attached directly to your target site and can be found right on your menu panel. In Version 3, you can perform migration directly on LitExtension website with 3 simple steps.

LitExtension version 3 provides a very user-friendly interface. Anyone can use it without training or technical knowledge. Moreover, the wizard instructions which are very easy to follow will give you extra help. If you need urgent assistance, you can contact our support team via live chat on the right-hand side.

Automated connector checking

LitExtension connector can be downloaded by only one click and the connector installation status also displays on your screen without manually checking.

LitExtension connector checking

Automated mapping recommendation

In LitExtension version 3, you can map languages, order status and customer group by our automated recommendation. With this new feature, you surely can find the migration process even much simpler than you expected.

LitExtension data mapping
LitExtension data mapping

Automated number of entities checking

After demo migration, LitExtension version 3 can automatically check the number of entities on your current source site and calculate the price of full migration for you.

LitExtension number of entities checking
LitExtension number of entities checking

Unique migration tasks management

With LitExtension version 3, you can easily manage your migration task in the My Migration section. Right here, you can choose Migrate Recent Data, Smart Update or Re-Migration options.

LitExtension migration task management
LitExtension migration task management

No migration interruption

With LitExtension version 2, we advise you to not close the Browser Window during data migration. Now in Version 3, you can shut down your PC or disconnect the internet after starting your migration. Your data will be transferred seamlessly to your target store and you will be informed via email when your migration completes. 

Moreover, with Litextension version 3, the migration speed is much faster as our system will automatically choose the server that is near your server’s location the most.

In this situation, any problems arising will be handled immediately since your process will be closely followed by our data experts via the admin center control panel.

The awesome Demo for data migration

LitExtension version 2 only supports demo with target stores provided by LitExtension. However, now, you can try migrating with both Litextension Demo carts and your own target cart.

By doing free demos with different target carts, you can visualize your new store in various cart types. Thereby, you could choose the one you prefer most. In addition, you also know how your migration process operates before you decide to take the full migration.

Please notice that both our support and demos are completely free. There is no charge until you feel satisfied and run your official migration.

More additional options and services

There are multiple additional options and services which are only available in Litextension version 3. However, I would like to mention the most striking ones, Database Direct migration and Custom Field migration.

Database Direct Migration

Database direct migration is a service allowing merchants to migrate directly data from their database source to a new platform without third parties involved. Besides, in version 2, a similar service called Database Dump Migration still needs to be imported to an app (an intermediate step) to finish the migration. However, in LitExtension version 3, this action is no longer required and your data can move directly to the exact corresponding destination.

Custom Field Migration

In LitExtension 2, code customizations are uploaded accordingly with the modules, so customers need to access the server to check and debug. When it comes to version 3, migrating custom fields are managed accordingly with private migration IDs which are checked and updated much faster by developers.

More e-Commerce platform supported

One of our shortcomings existing in version 2 is that we only support migrating data to 6 target carts. Now LitExtension version 3 strongly extends the migration service possibility with 90 supported target carts.

LitExtension supported carts
LitExtension supported carts


LitExtension version 3 is far more advanced than the previous version. A huge number of changes have been made to serve the increasing demand of customers in terms of performance, security, ease-of-use, new additional features, services and support. 

The most outstanding renovation is the high level of automation that helps the migration process now become much more easier and quicker. You can try a free demo with LitExtension version 3 and check the result before taking the full migration.

Our dedicated support team always listens to customers’ requirements and feedback to improve our service day by day. If you need any support, we are always available to help.

Finally, we want to thank you all for your trust and support for all these years.


Since 2011, I founded LitExtension Solutions offering shopping cart migration service including Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify,... LitExtension has been the leading provider of automated Shopping Cart Migration Service in the world with more than 20,000 global customers and we have delivered 30,000+ successful migrations to our customers over the past 5 years.