Doubt is the biggest obstacle that prevents you from making important decisions. Especially in online retail, when it comes to switching your eCommerce platform, you are like playing a game of chance so it’s common if you have so many uncertainties. We here at LitExtension know this well, therefore, we has offered a distinctive option which is Trial Migration or Migration Preview for you to wave away all your confusion.

Now, let us walk you through what Trial Migration is all about.

What does Trial Migration do?

Trial Migration Service migrates a limited number of data and allows you to possibly view how your products, customers, orders as well as other entities are displayed and managed on target store, both in backend and frontend, without any target cart installation.

This is designed for merchants who are confused in choosing a right platform for their new online store. You will see the operation of different frameworks. And above all, it’s totally free. Therefore, we highly recommend this service to all of you.

How to Use Trial Migration

It only takes you a few steps to use our Trial Migration:

  • Register an account on the LitExtension site. Go to your account and click Create New Migration.
  • In step 1, with Source Cart Setup, fill your Source Cart information as attached guide. Then move forward to Target Cart Setup, tick on “Try migration use LitExtension test store” box.
demo migration
Fill in your carts’ information
  • Hit next to go to the next step, select your entities you want to migrate and Clear data on target site in the additional option below.
demo migration
Select entities to migrate
  • Run the Demo Migration and check your result on the target store. Do the same manipulation for other cart types until getting your ideal solution.

LitExtension is currently providing Trial Migration service for the following leading shopping cart:

You can perform several Demo migrations and check which is the best eCommerce platform for your new store. After that, let perform Full Migration with LitExtension. If you need further information or support, please feel free to Contact Us via live chat, we are 24/7  available to help you with anything of your concern. Let’s join our community to get more eCommerce knowledge.