Nowadays, an online presence is unavoidable. The epidemic situation further enhances the importance of the online world. You must have wondered how you should increase your sales rate and how could you get an actual consumer from a simple visitor of your site? Now we show you 7 tips to help your website get customers.


Before we get into the content issues, let us describe what conversion means. We can talk about a conversion if a visitor does something on the site that is good or profitable for you. In simpler terms, we can describe it as a visitor becoming a customer or a client. Tracking conversions is essential for a web store to get the results you want. In this case, we do not necessarily have to think about the actual purchases, it can be a booking or a request for quotation too.

To track the conversions on your site, it can be a good idea to regularly review your conversion rate. The conversion rate is an indicator that shows what percentage of visitors became customers. Do not be scared, this number is likely very low, but it is important to know that a 2% conversion rate is already very good.

Transparency is the key

One of the essential elements of user-friendly pages is good transparency. None visitor wants to spend too much time on your site. Most people will visit your website purposefully for one thing, according to this you need to allow them the easiest and fastest way to access the product or information they came for. You would not think, but a large percentage of purchases are already decided when a potential customer visits your website for the first time. An aesthetic, logically structured website can increase your conversion rate by up to 200%.

Use Pop-Ups

Yes, good old pop-ups. Now, you probably think we are completely crazy, because pop-ups mostly repel customers, but trust us, that is not the case. A well-timed and planned pop-up is a great way to increase conversions. Just read carefully and you can find out why we say this.

pop-ups can help increase conversion

Multiple offers must appear in pop-ups, be it some special premium offers, or even a free product, service, or content. With this method, you will cover almost the entire needs of your site visitors.

Pop-ups can be annoying many times, and we do not argue with that, but it would be a sin not to encourage visitors who can be caught in this way to buy. However, in order to prevent sensitive visitors from leaving your site right away or possibly backing away from a purchase, make pop-ups easy to close.

Timing also plays an important role. Do not use pop-ups too often, because this will definitely degrade the user experience. Try to place content specifically the text of the pop-ups and make sure that the same content no longer appears to the same user after closing.

Recommendations as social evidence

Although there are people who like to try a particular product or service firstly, but this is not usually the case. Based on experience, we say that a large percentage of people are afraid to buy a product or service they have never encountered before and they would try for the first time. To overcome such concerns, you have to smuggle social proof into your site.

One way to do this is to create a comment section under your products or services. Here, pre-shoppers can give scores and share their experiences. With this solution, you can reduce the uncertainty of the potential customers and increase your site’s conversion rate.

Another option is to display some companies, websites, or other partners on the home page that have already used your services. This method is also great for reducing the potential uncertainty in the visitor by saying “if it works for them it will work for me too”.

social evidence to help boost conversion

Become a community or social platform

Okay, we did not take it literally. It must have happened to you that before the moment of purchase, one last question was formulated in you to which you have not found any answer. This is basically not necessarily the fault of the website, because a website can never meet the needs of all visitors. However, we also have a solution for this.

Of course, one of the basics of accessibility is that an email address should be displayed, but you can build this to the next level. The e-mail is too old-school, let us create a live chat platform. Obviously, now you think we are kidding … but no. We know it is relatively a bigger work to create a chat window where the site visitors can ask something from each other and from the site’s collages too, but it pays off in several ways.

In particular, the conversion rate of the webpage will increase since the number of visitors who drop a purchase will decrease because they will be able to get answers to their questions immediately. Secondly, visitors will feel much more friendly about the site since they can get answers to all their questions and talk to a person in the meantime, so a kind of attachment to the site can develop, and as we know, loyalty is just as important as the conversion.

Loyalty or one-time purchase?

Of course, in addition to one-time purchases, it is also important to have loyal customers. Although a larger number of returning customers tend to appear in the B2B market, customer loyalty can also be gained in the B2C market. Here are some tricks to turn one-time customers into returning customers.

A loyalty campaign is a great way to get people back to your site. Just think about why they would not come back if they could get a discount on some products just because they have already bought from the site once? The main element of such programs is sales. Give each customer a small discount after their purchases.

Another method is the point collection system. After each purchase, give points to the customers that they can use for discounts, products, or even to activate extra or premium content on your site. While this may seem like a trite and old method, believe us, it works and will greatly contribute to the increase in the number of purchases.

Money-back guarantee

When somebody hears this word, they usually think that they will lose all income now, but this is not the case at all. The uncertainty formulates in every visitor before making a purchase and they are looking for an opportunity that could serve as a kind of crutch in this situation. Yes, you think well, this crutch will be your money-back guarantee. Let us see what a good money-back campaign should look like.

money back guarantee

It is important that you indicate in all relevant and visible places that you provide a money-back guarantee after purchases if the customer is not satisfied with the product or service. Such a place could be the cart or the description under the products. This will eliminate the uncertainty for customers and encourage them to buy as soon as possible.

To achieve the desired result, but it should not be unprofitable for you, you have to specify a period. If you do not do this, although your conversion rate will increase, your revenue will decrease as many people will send the product back after they get bored or no longer need it.

A clear CTA

In many places, we see that the call to action is not clear enough. In situations like this, it is worth taking a little basic psychology and thinking about what text can be used to get people to take action. In order not to start searching business or marketing psychology books anxiously now, we will share with you some useful tips that may work.

Strive for confirmation. Confirm your potential customers that they want this product or service. To achieve this, break away from custom CTAs, use unique, creative texts. CTAs that begin with “yes,” such as “yes, I need it,” or “yes, put it in the cart,” lead to activity to a much greater extent than the simple CTAs. The word yes subconsciously gives a kind of confirmation that they definitely want that particular product and they will leave your site in a smaller percentage without any activity.

The importance of UX should not be forgotten in the case of CTAs either. You already have a good text, but how could it be even more effective? We recommend that you use buttons, especially colored ones. This is important because a text on a colored button with a different but not intrusive and gaudy color has even more emphasis. We recommend that you avoid flashy colors because they can be ominous and repulsive for the visitors, but beyond that, it all just depends on your creativity.

A little final summary

In summary, increasing the conversion rate is a very important factor in the life of online businesses. With these few tricks mentioned earlier, you will be able to increase this at a very nice rate, and certainly, the numbers will show you that too. We hope we were able to help and that you read a lot of useful information here.