Shopify is today’s leading eCommerce website. It helps people construct their own, flexible online store with hundreds of integrated-in apps and loads of applications. You will directly sell products on your website and all over various markets and social media.

Shopify is a prevalent e-commerce platform for building your own online store, without any technological know-how. It has been able to cater to over 800,000 businesses. Because of its wide popularity, LitExtension has done thorough research and produced this Shopify review so that you can have a closer look at how this platform works. 

This Shopify review will include the most essential information of Shopify including its selling functions, ease of use, prices, design, marketing tools, and more to help you choose whether it is a perfect match for you.

Now, let’s start discovering what is covered in this Shopify review!

Shopify At A Glance

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a dedicated website builder which lets people create an online store of their own.

Shopify review
Shopify – devoting e-commerce that enabled 600,000 businesses

It’s so easy and straightforward–you do not have to possess tech skills, no underlying budget and you don’t need to employ anyone to seize your dream and turn it into reality. Shopify thereby makes your online shop quick and affordable.

Shopify is a robust platform, with over 1,200 apps and specialized features involved in, such as inventory tracking and shipping tools. It is highly customizable and can be used by any large store.

If you are looking for a quick Shopify tutorial video that is going to guide you through all primary steps to set up a Shopify store from scratch, check out this video:

Ease of Use

If you’ve already gone through other Shopify review, you may have known that Shopify is made for total beginners thanks to a clean, clear and simple connection. Shopify always holds a great deal of power in its backdrop and its editor can be easily used and smoothly, which we admire completely.

With Shopify, you don’t have to be an expert for store building and you can start an online retail store in just a few minutes.

  • The platform provides you with an online store system that already works, so you can just adjust sections (set them up to your particular tastes) instead of creating a store piece by piece, but basically the core of the platform works right away.
  • You can choose from ready-made designs, so you don’t need to equip yourself with design skills either.
  • The templates are also automatically configured to customize the website for mobiles, desktops and tablets.
  • You make online payments–no confidential credit card data is actually needed. And you can even directly market your goods (among other things) to your Facebook contacts.
Shopify review
Shopify admin panel

The good news is that Shopify has a free trial. So that in addition to reading Shopify review, you can try it out to make sure it’s the right platform for your store.

Shopify Pricing

First of all, Shopify gives a 14-day free trial process, you don’t have to enter any payment details. You will only need an e-mail and can test Shopify for two weeks at little cost or no expense.

Shopify’s three main pricing plans are:

  • Basic Shopify – $29/month
  • Shopify – $79/month
  • Advanced Shopify – $299/month
Shopify review
Shopify’s pricing

You could save money by registering for the annual plan if you have a long-term sight of your business future. You can also save 10% by signing up for an annual subscription, and 20% by selecting a two-year contract.

Shopify Pricing Plans

Monthly ($/month) 1-Year ($/month) Savings (%) 2-Years ($/month) Savings (%)

Shopify Basic

$29.00 $26.10 10% $23.20



$79.00 $71.10 10% $63.20


Advanced Shopify $299.00 $269.10 10% $239.20


How Good Are Shopify’s Themes?



  • Sophisticated and contemporary design
  • Professionally built and mobile responsive
  • Designated to suit your style and the feature of your e-commerce shop with certainty → they’ll reformat to suit the mobile and tablet screens
  • Full of features and you can choose from various styles.
  • Only 8 free themes are provided.
  • Costs range from $140 to $180, which is considered quite costly.
  • Languages are unavailable in ALL themes.
Shopify review
A diversity of themes for you to choose from Shopify

The themes of Shopify seem tidy, elegant and attractive. From photography and photographing to electronics, decor, and more, you can browse through themes. 

Shopify review
Free theme available
Shopify review
Free theme available

The best thing is that Shopify’s themes come full of great apps. All themes contain:

  • Customizable content sections on the home page
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Drop-down navigation support
  • Free theme updates
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Social media icons
  • Built-in styles and color palettes
  • Free stock photos by Burst

Many themes have multiple language choices, so you can easily switch to another language. However, it isn’t provided by all themes, so test before choosing. Currently available languages are English, French, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Portuguese Brazilian…etc.

Theme Customization

Shopify review
Theme customization

Customization of Shopify’s themes can already look awesome, but you will definitely want to make it your own. To do this, you will have to adapt your theme to your specific product, write text, change pictures and create new pages.

What can you customize?

  • Aligning your images, editing text, and showing your logo.
  • You can also change the theme at the dashboard (involves adding goods, generating discount codes, shipping management and more)  if you want your store to be renovated.

Sales features


Shopify has more than 1,200 apps in its app shop so you can easily scale up the store whenever you like. If your theme does not include any functionality you want, such as email marketing tools, dropshipping services or a review section, you can find apps helping you to sort it out on Shopify App Store.

Shopify review
A collection of rich-featured apps

Shopify helps you to track and edit your shipping choices and to provide a wide range of settings. For example, you can specify the destination to which you want to ship, adjust weight, order or location shipping rates or even print shipping labels. On the Advanced Shopify plan, you can also unlock third party calculated shipping rates, so you can show customers the current courier prices at checkout.Shopify reviewShipping is complicated, but Shopify makes it as easy and controllable as possible. Shopify has USPS, DHL Express, UPS and Canada Post collaborations to save you the hassle of getting your own mail. If you need extra shipping tools, you can also install apps.


Shopify allows dropshipping, but it is not built-in. Alternatively, install an app – Shopify recommends Oberlo the most, as it helps you locate shopping items. AliExpress, Spocket and Printful are also included in other apps.

Shopify review
Shopify shipping

Abandoned Cart Recovery

All the key plans of Shopify include abandoned cart recovery, which is great news for your shop. You don’t need to get anything installed, or searching for it in the app market as it already comes built-in with your plan.

To make the most of this useful tool, you can handle your abandoned cart recovery. You can include, for example, discount codes to enable customers to come back and choose.

Product Management

Shopify offers a wide range of tools for product management. The full inventory management is one of the most useful features, making tracking orders, and updating the stock lists simple. You can even monitor your storage rates and label items as sold out when they are running out automatically!

Shopify review
A wide range of tools for product management available on Shopify

Tons of product types, including size, colour, material and more, can be provided easily. With multiple versions, with example, you can make patterned jumper more expensive than a plain version. 

It is vital for your customer to search in your store to find the product they want when you are selling a large number of products as easily as possible. Shopify will help you by organizing the products by category, form, sales items, quality, etc.

Payment Options

Shopify offers more than 100 gateways of payment. These include PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay and Apple Pay. It also provides a dedicated internal payment portal, known as Shopify Payments.

All payment gates come with a transaction fee, unless you choose to buy, Shopify waives this charge.

The currencies Shopify Payments currently supports are: 

  • Australian dollar
  • Canadian dollar
  • Danish Krone
  • Euro
  • Hong Kong dollar
  • Japanese yen
  • New Zealand dollar
  • Pound sterling
  • Singapore dollar
  • United States dollar


You can set up your store in the default sales tax rates to automatically process common tax calculations. On the whole, this tool is ideal for taking the headaches out of online selling.

SEO & Marketing

Shopify enables you to quickly and easily create your landing pages, which is the key differentiator between other all-in-one platforms (and some DIY platforms), through SEO or marketing campaigns (such as email, Google advertising, Facebook advertisements, etc).

And Shopify creates 100% crunchy, clean code for SEO. You can customize title tag, meta description and other essential items like Search Console, sitemaps…etc

Reporting Tools

Shopify has an in-house analytical tool to provide you with an overview of the success of your company. It covers how much the shop has received in revenue, consumer preferences and insights into real time.

You can also display more detailed information through Google Analytics in your Shopify App. To connect it to your shops and track sale you need to create a free Google Analytics account.

Shopify needs just blog-specific research when it comes to reporting tools. If blogging is an important part of your marketing strategy, it is useful for your web reporting tools. Shopify doesn’t provide this, and so you better off using Wix or Squarespace if this is an important feature for you.


Shopify supports blogging and offers you a decent set of tools. It’s not its most important area, however. It’s much easier than blogging networks like Volusion, Big Cartel, GoDaddy and 3dcart, but it’s not as good as e-commerce websites builders like Wix, Weebly and Squarespace. See it in details in our comparison between Wix and Shopify.

Shopify provides categories of displays, reviews, a RSS feed, and advanced blog SEO. What it doesn’t offer you are analytics for blogging, archiving, social bookmarking or search functionality for the site. Shopify is mainly a sales website, so it can be a good choice if you need strong e-commerce and standard blogging tools.

Email marketing

Shopify provides integrated email shout outs, but some coding is needed. Your Shopify store is easily integrated with email marketing campaigns using third-party applications like Seguno, Klaviyo, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact and Privy.

Shopify review
Email marketing – a strength of Shopify


Shopify stores are inherently secure–you don’t have to figure out the security of your website, unlike platforms like WordPress. Alternatively, Shopify manages cyber threat defense, runs updates and fulfills online transaction compliance requirements.


If you need assistance, then Shopify will give you exactly what you need. Shopify offers help on different channels to select the best option for you. Specifically, it offers:

  • 24/7 phone support
  • Social media support
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Community forum
  • Email support
  • Help center
  • Video tutorials
  • Advanced specialist support 

Shopify Review – Recap

This Shopify review has finally come to an endShopify has outperformed almost every other eCommerce platform in our research. In summary, wWe suggest you using Shopify to create your eCommerce store as it’s a highly flexible platform with a large app store, a number of pricing plans and an impressive range of apps.

Shopify has a great sales potential, ease of use and satisfaction rates, making it a great option for newcomers and big sellers. According to our recent data report, our customers have been flocking to Shopify because of its outstanding features and we have also received positive feedback on this platform. Most of the migration we have completed so far are:

See our tutorial below to get an idea of how LitExtension can move your store to Shopify perfectly!

By the way, we have GREAT NEWS for you! If you want to move your online store to Shopify, we have created a migration app helping you to transfer 100 entities to Shopify for FREE.  Although the number of entities are limited, we believe that it would help you grab an overview how your store when it’s built on Shopify!

Thank you for keeping up with the Shopify review at this length. Should you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to leave us a message via live chat on website or an email via

In the arena of eCommerce solutions, it is obvious that there are heated competitions among platforms to win customers’ heart. We have also put Shopify in battle with other notable shopping carts. Check it out if you want to get to know more!