Migrating your eCommerce store from one CMS to another can be a real headache especially if you have got a very old existing site, running successfully with thousands of products and customers. Where manual migration won’t be an option for you, you have to look for automatic channels to migrate all your store data. Recently we had to move an e-commerce store from Prestashop to Magento using the Prestashop to Magento Migration Tool by LitExtension and we are definitely pleased with what we got.

Here’s an overview of the features of the migration tool:

  • Supports all Prestashop versions to Magento 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x
  • Products, product images, product attributes (all native product types of Source Cart are supported).
  • Categories, category images.
  • Customers, customer shipping address, customer billing address.
  • Orders, order statuses, order products, order history.
  • Additional: currencies, manufacturers, taxes, product reviews.
  • Clear current data on Target Store before Migration.
  • Transfer images in product descriptions to your Target Store.
  • Preserve order IDs on Target Store.
  • Preserve customer IDs on Target Store.

Here are a few reasons why we would highly recommend it for your migration as well:

1. Less Expensive and Very Cost-Effective

As compared to the other giants in the market, LitExtension Prestashop to Magento Migration tool is very cost-effective and acts as a savior.

2. Run a Trial before Buying

We had the complete freedom to do our migration on our own and test out various options before finalizing without any additional cost as it’s a tool.

3. Unlimited Usage

This may not be significant for some site owners but we definitely like to experiment a lot which comes with a problem of scratching out our idea and doing the migration all over again as per our changing needs. The unlimited usage option for the tool really helped us a lot in here.

 4. Excellent Support ( On Time )

Even though we are very absolutely comfortable with the ins and outs of Magento it’s always good to have a team of support staff guide you through using their tool in case any problem arises. And we are happy to have the assurance of great support.

 5. Seamless Migration (Lightening Fast)

The easy and simple setup for the tool is what made it all the easier to migrate the huge amounts of data without any adding any more complexities to the process. We would definitely suggest the tool for people even who are new to Magento.

 6. Migrate Custom Fields & SEO URLs

You can migrate up to 100 custom fields which is more than enough for most e-commerce stores. Retaining the site architecture with the exact same URL for each product is by far the most crucial aspect of the migration process which we have to ensure so as to not lose any SEO karma that we have gained up so far. And we were quite pleased with the feature included in the tool

 7. Unlimited Prestashop To Magento Migrations

If you are a development company then we would definitely recommend you to go for the Pro version which gives the option to migrate unlimited domains as well as complete access to the source code in case you wanna customize it to your choice.
Here’s the link to the official website for demo and complete detail of the tool.


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