Prestashop has been becoming one of the most popular choices for e-commerce store owners. It gives you a good administrative features, lots of design options and very user-friendly interface.

Prestashop Migration is a comprehensive solution of LitExtension that helps worldwide customers transfer all products, customers, orders and other corresponding information accurately, automatically and quickly from current platforms to Prestashop. With more than 50 supported source carts and many years of experience as a world leading data migration expert, LitExtension is a trusted address for E-commerce Business Owners looking for a data transfer to Prestashop. Try FREE DEMO now!

Don’t Have Time To Migrate To Magento By Your Own?

In case, If you are busy and just want someone to completedly take care of your store migration for you or Your store has some third party modules or some custom fields need to migrated. We would like to offer the All-In-One Migration service, this service provides high quality migration service with low cost. We will perform data migration and provide all the necessary customization for you. The main goal is to save time and minimize efforts of e-merchants.

If you have any more question while using LitExtension service, please visit our Support Center or feel free Contact Us for further assistance.


Since 2011, I founded LitExtension Solutions offering shopping cart migration service including Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify,... LitExtension has been the leading provider of automated Shopping Cart Migration Service in the world with more than 20,000 global customers and we have delivered 30,000+ successful migrations to our customers over the past 5 years.