OpenCart and WooCommerce are open source frameworks. They can be downloaded and used for free but still offer a wide range of features that users need to operate an online store successfully. However, many merchants currently using OpenCart are looking for OpenCart to  WooCommerce migration despite the benefits of OpenCart.

So what are the reasons making them to do that? In other words, let see advantages that WooCommerce operation could generate and make this platform to win over OpenCart- a powerful open source software.


Obviously, with around 3.5 million live websites, according to Builtwith, WooCommerce definitely enjoys much higher than OpenCart (with approximately 426.000 live sites). It means that WooCommerce provides many benefits suited with user’s need, therefore they choose this software as the best solution among more than a hundred frameworks available in the market. Its community also comes with many members and experience. So you will never regret if you migrate your data to WooCommerce or start selling on this platform.


WooCommerce is a plugin of WordPress. Therefore it inherits the high customization ability and flexibility. It comes with a variety of plugins and extensions, which you can easily find, install and run. Even beginners and amateurs find it easy and simple to customize WooCommerce to easily fit into their needs. For example, if you want to edit product page in WooCommerce store, you can easily download a needed add on from the market and get the feature enabled after some simple clicks.

With OpenCart, it is not difficult to customize some feature, in comparison with other open source platforms like Magento. However not with WooCommerce. The level of difficulty is higher because if you want to change your OpenCart store appearance, it requires much more deep-diving into code.

This is also the big reason of choosing OpenCart to WooCommerce migration. Because, in the long run, clearly WooCommerce would satisfy you and reduce cost of hiring web development agency.

Customer Support

Using WooCommerce, you can easily find help from the official WordPress forum. You also can check the similar questions containing problem you are struggling with because they might be answered already. If still not yet, you can receive a quick response from them.

Unlike WooCommerce, you would not find a large experience from OpenCart. Its forum is quite active with hundreds of question regarding all possible matter you can meet. However, the support from tech team might come with price and some times. They are expensive with your budget. Let think about it, you want to run a store in a long term, even permanently, but you cannot ensure that during business operation, you will never meet trouble, and the payment for each time will reduce your profit.

For more information, you can visit LitExtension website for more details and try OpenCart to WooCommerce migration for free.

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