Many people are planning to migrate their store from OpenCart to Magento to benefit  from Magento advantages to achieve better growth. OpenCart to Magento migration process is considerably complicated if you don’t have any technical knowledge. However, there are now services that can help you complete the quest easily.

Because of the growing migration demand of store owners all over the world, data migration service providers have made it simpler and user-friendly to switch between eCommerce platforms. Just by following a few simple steps, your store will be completely migrated.

Listed below are some of the notices that you should know before implementing Opencart to Magento migration.

What data can be migrated in OpenCart to Magento migration?

Since each platform has its own structure and security, sometimes you can not migrate everything from source to target store. For example, when you wish to migrate Woocommerce to Shopify, you can not migrate customer’s password.

Fortunately, you can migrate almost everything necessary from OpenCart to Magento such as Products, Customers, Customer accounts, Orders, Categories, etc. You can find your migration process quick and highly convenient when choosing automated migration tools.

Can images be transferred?

The answer is yes. You can manually migrate images using CSV files. However, with automated tools, all pictures in OpenCart to Magento migration can be migrated  by default. This will save a lot of your efforts in editing products and keep them look the same as in old store. You won’t have to choose to pay for this option because this is a default feature.

Can I preserve all IDs?

You can preserve your IDs in the OpenCart to Magento migration. But due to the limitation of the specific structure of both platforms, you can keep only IDs of customers and orders. The Magento will use its own way to generate new IDs for your products.

How can I map languages?

You can do it easily with the help of automated migration tools. When configuring migration, you only need to select corresponding languages from Opencart to Magento. Then your data will be displayed properly on your new store.

Do I have to migrate products, customers, and orders altogether?

You can particularly select what data entity you want to migrate. Only products, customers and orders or all of them together. However, if you intend to migrate all entities, we highly recommend you to move all data in one time.

If you are planning to implement Opencart to Magento migration, you can try LitExtension’s free demo with 20 entities limited to have a preview of the process before making your final decision.

Here at LitExtension, our enthusiastic support team is always available, so don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime, for any question.


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